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10 Tips for Making Your Techs More Productive

10 Tips for Making Your Techs More Productive

By Marc Freund | November 9, 2010 | Blog, News, Partner News, Service Business 101

Service Roundtable has shared a PowerPoint presentation by Linda Couch, Chief Operating Officer of Parish Services. She gave the presentation at Comfortech 2010 in Baltimore, MD.

The presentation shares 10 ideas for making your service technicians more productive. You can get it from Service Roundtable’s website or by clicking the image below.

10 Tips to make your techs more productive

Linda’s 10 tips are:

  1. Clearly define and prioritize “productivity” for your techs
  2. Define and manage productivity goals
  3. Equip your techs with productivity enhancing tools
  4. Equip techs with a proper, organized inventory
  5. Train your techs: Technical
  6. Train your techs: Advising
  7. Use supporting customer service and dispatch strategies
  8. Use supporting warehouse and purchasing strategies
  9. Use supporting sales and marketing strategies
  10. Use IT to increase productivity

She goes into much greater detail within the PowerPoint presentation, which also includes her speaking notes. Implementing all of Linda’s tips will take a great deal of time, focus, and dedication. But the effect her tips will have on the profitability of your business will be profound.

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