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Could You Sell an Air Conditioner that Uses 90% Less Energy?

Could You Sell an Air Conditioner that Uses 90% Less Energy?

By Marc Freund | September 13, 2010 | Blog, Industry Applications, News

Engineers in Colorado at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory devised an air conditioning unit that could use up to 90% less energy than a conventional unit. That’s sell-able.

However, its just a patented system at this point, but keep your ears open for a commercial model in the future.

The new, patented system abandons the power-hungry compressor-driven refrigeration process used in many domestic (and virtually all commercial) air conditioners in favor of a couple of high-efficiency pumps and fans. But it also uses water for evaporative cooling — a concept familiar to many people living in the arid West who have roof-mounted “swamp coolers.” Swamp coolers work well when the outside air is dry, as evaporating water carries away heat, cooling and moistening the air that is re-circulated into the house.

(Via Air Conditioning Using 90 Percent Less Power | Miller-McCune Online)

The concept uses swamp coolers and water-absorbing compounds to make an amazingly efficient air conditioner.

When do you think something like this will be market ready?

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