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ESC Customer featured in ACCA’s Contractor Excellence Magazine

ESC Customer featured in ACCA’s Contractor Excellence Magazine

By Marc Freund | April 21, 2011 | Customer Spotlights, ESC Software, News

Joanna Turpin, editor of Contractor Excellence magazine, wrote a story in the Spring 2011 issue of the magazine featuring long-time ESC customer, Brothers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, of Rock Hill, South Carolina. The story talks about Brothers aggressive, technology focused growth.

The article covers the background of the company and some recent expansions, but then gets into the technology they implemented to reach and track their very aggressive sales and growth goals:

In order to track those numbers on a daily basis, Brothers Air made a serious investment in technology. The company is now essentially paperless, as dispatches are sent electronically, technicians use tablet-style PCs in the field, and customers receive invoices from printers located on each truck. After the service call is completed, the information is immediately transmitted to the office, so not only can sales be monitored hourly, but the barcode system can update any parts that need to be restocked.

“What’s nice about this system is that the technician on a service call can pull up the history of everything we’ve ever done for that customer,” said [CFO, Jamie] Robinson. “The technicians can also collect electronic signatures from customers and run the credit cards right in the field. If they get a declined credit card, they can handle it right there, before they leave the house. Virtually every aspect of each service call is now handled in the field.”

This type of close scrutiny is mandatory in order to understand what the profit margins need to be in order to move forward as a company. In fact, not understanding the margins is one of the big mistakes many contractors make in their companies, said Robinson. “If you’re not putting money on the bottom line, then you’re not growing the company, and you’re not going to be able to make the capital expenditures you need to keep everything going. If we weren’t paying attention to what our bottom line was, there’s no way we could’ve built the new addition.”

The story goes on to tell some of the lessons Brothers learned about the importance of tracking advertising dollars to sales, as well as using their accounting system to calculate the profit margins and contributions of each of their trucks and employees.

We’re happy to see that such a profitable and successful company is using our software.

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