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Establishing Value is the Key to Boosting Service Agreement Sales

Establishing Value is the Key to Boosting Service Agreement Sales

By Marc Freund | June 4, 2016 | Blog, Marketing Your Service Company, News, Service Business 101

Service agreements are a great way to create regular re-occuring revenue streams for your company. But they can be a tough sell.

Your customers need to understand the value of service agreements. When they see how the plan and its benefits will save them time, money, and hassle, your number of service agreements will grow.

via Contracting Business: Establish Value to Boost Service Agreement Sales

Growing and keeping track of these service agreements is key to growth and creating value for your company.

What do you say when asked how many service agreements your company has? Has that number been reviewed? Is it accurate? Is the number of agreements growing, staying the same, or shrinking from year to year? How do you improve the numbers?

Why all these questions? It’s because the heart and soul of a company’s business are service agreements, and growing these agreements leads to growth of the company in service and sales. It’s therefore vital that the value of these agreements be firmly established on a continual basis — both externally and internally.

These service agreements are also what create real value for your company and make it more sell-able. No one is going to buy your list of names when you want to retire. But they may be willing to buy several thousand on-going service agreements.

What are you doing to establish value for your service agreements?

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