Sales & Marketing Management

ESC’s sales and marketing management is designed to help you manage revenue and profit generation initiatives more effectively, enabling you to hold on to your existing customers as well as acquire new ones. Easily track your marketing campaigns and sales leads and use powerful reports to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Good Better Best

More Options = More Sales

  • Customizable good, better, best options make it easy to sell
  • Increase ticket size while giving customers the best option for their needs
  • Easily update your options as you find what sells and what doesn’t
  • Techs can add or remove equipment and services with a few easy clicks

Recommended Add-Ons

Make Upselling Easy

  • Suggest the right items to bundle at the right time
  • Offer customers related products to improve their experience just like Amazon offers you batteries when you buy a flashlight
  • Continue to improve your system by monitoring which products often sell together

Place Holder

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  • As an invoice is built, all material, labor, and other costs are visible for up-to-date profitability information.

Less Hassle, More Control

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