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How Important is the Service Ticket?

How Important is the Service Ticket?

By Marc Freund | June 4, 2016 | Blog, Mobile Workforce, News

Service tickets are a very important aspect of a technician’s job. It is the one document that both customers and service managers can review to gauge a tech’s performance. That’s why it is essential to have proper spelling and grammar, legible writing, and clear description of the work that was done.

According to an article in The ACHR News, “A well written service ticket will present a professional image to the customer. A poorly written service ticket may leave the customer with doubts about the company and the technician.”

So presentation matters! Professionally appearing paperwork and service tickets will not only make a great impression with your customers but it will set you apart from your competition. Present your customers with a neatly printed or emailed service ticket that contains an accurate description of the repair, warranty information, recommendations for future repairs/replacements and any other helpful notes for the job. And always review the service ticket with your customers so they can ask any questions and have a better understanding of the work performed.

FieldEdge can help! With FieldEdge Mobile, technicians in the field can quickly easily create quotes, present repair recommendations, create professional-looking invoices, order parts, add equipment service history, capture customer signatures, collect payments, even track the technician’s time. All with real-time updates to and from the office to save administrative time and office calls, and reduce errors. As a result, technicians have more time to concentrate on providing excellent service to customers.

“So next time you complete a service ticket, remember the importance of this document. It will go a long way in building value with your company and its customers.”

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Read more about this topic in “Gauging the Importance of the Service Ticket” in the June issue of The ACHR NEWS.



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