Testimonial–Eric Koeppe, FireGuard

“We’ve been very happy with ESC. It’s allowed us to get our work done more efficiently. We used to take longer than a month to get our work done. Now it takes about three and a half weeks.

“The mobile software has been very valuable. We can get the dispatch out to our techs remotely. Once their work is done they can send it back to the office and the invoice is done that day. If the work is done in the morning, it’s invoiced in the afternoon.

“It allows for better operation of your company, smoother operation of you work and inventory control, since each technician in the field has their own warehouse.

“We’ve been very happy with the results ESC had brought to our business. We’ve recommended it to a couple of other fire equipment companies.”

Eric Koeppe, Vice President of Business Operations. FireGuard

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