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While switching from an on-premise option like Wintac to a cloud-based solution may seem daunting, it is often simple to implement and offers additional efficiencies and data security. 

Switching to a Cloud-based Software  

As we welcome Wintac to the FieldEdge software family, you may be wondering about the differences between FieldEdge software and your Wintac solution. 

At FieldEdge, we offer increased functionality and additional features to help you better manage your business, saving you time and money. Use these resources to explore the benefits of FieldEdge and research specific areas that interest you.

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FieldEdge Resource Hub for Wintac Members

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Using a Mobile App for Field Service Management  

field service management app allows dispatchers and office managers to streamline communications and operations between the office and the field.The FieldEdge app gives your techs all the information they need on their device, no matter where they are.  

Integrating Field Service Management Software with QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is a powerful billing tool that can take your invoicing and accounting to the next level. FieldEdge and QuickBooks integrate seamlessly, saving countless hours of manual data entry. 


Ever wish that there was an easier way to dispatch and keep up with technicians during the day? We have you covered with an easy-to-use scheduling and dispatching dashboardOur dispatch software provides a more efficient way to assign tasks and schedule (or reschedule) field service technicians. 

Dispatching Made Easy 

At FieldEdge, we want to help your business increase profitability. Here are ways our software can help. 


Boosting Profitability with Cloud-based Software 

Why FieldEdge?

Still curious why FieldEdge is the trusted field management solution for the home service industry? Take a closer look at FieldEdge software as a whole. 


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