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Thursday, October 14, 2021
11:00 AM – 1:30 PM EST


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If you want to know what’s happening in your industry, you must attend this webinar!

Spend a day discovering the future of HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical businesses as we present FieldEdge’s State of the Industry webinar.

Learn how other businesses are thriving in these uncertain times, hear the latest trends from industry insiders, and uncover how to safeguard your business.



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11:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Nelson Ventura, FieldEdge



11:05 AM

Navigating Rough Seas: Dealing with Difficult Customers

Eddie McFarlane,
Vice President of Learning and Development, Haller Enterprises
ACCA Vice Chair



11:35 PM

State of the Industry

Barton James, ACCA



12:05 PM

The Future of HVAC
& Plumbing Technology

Pete Fornieri and Kirby Oscar, FieldEdge



12:35 PM

How To Thrive in Today’s Market

Roundtable of HVAC &
Plumbing CEO/Owners/Operators


Navigating Rough Seas:
Dealing with Difficult Customers

The seas are rough out there. Customers can be brutal these days. Your techs hear it in the field. Your office manager deals with calls. And every now and again, a situation is escalated to an owner who just doesn’t have the time. So how do you deal with it? It all starts with setting up the right customer journey. Learn how to delight, excite, and even satisfy your most difficult customers!

State of the Industry

Listen as Barton James discusses what’s to come in the field services world. Learn how to navigate next year and get an “insider’s look” into the HVAC industry. His insights into the marketplace, business operations, and emerging trends should not be missed!

The Future of HVAC & Plumbing Technology

Discover emerging technology trends for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electricians. Learn about innovative platforms that drive faster and more efficient operations such as how to collect 5-Star reviews and GPS track your vehicles. Also, explore the future of FieldEdge as Pete and Kirby unveil what’s being developed next in this powerful all-in-one tool.

How to Thrive in Today’s Market

Learn how business owners, operations managers, field technicians, and office managers have been streamlining their business operations through innovative technology. See what’s driving their businesses forward - and how you can start implementing it in your own business today.

FE customer
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“I NEED to know what’s going on in my industry. No one provides this type of information to us… not like this. This is the perfect event. I can tune in and listen while still working.”
Barton James
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“We are excited to be a part of this event! The emerging trends in the HVAC industry cannot be ignored. If you want to succeed, you need to listen in.”
Cassie Fields
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“This industry is near and dear to me. We are in a unique position with our expansive network of manufacturers, distributors, and association connections to know, firsthand, the changes that are coming to this industry. We would be remiss if FieldEdge didn’t provide a way for business owners to learn and experience the future of the industry.”
Pete Fornieri
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“The new features in FieldEdge are going to blow your mind! 2022 will bring the most additions to the software that we’ve ever done. Stay tuned.”
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“Thank you, FieldEdge, for hosting this event! We are a proud partner of all that you do and look forward to watching.”
FE Roundtable participant
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“I’m very honored that you asked our business to be a part of this event. We’re excited to share how we’ve been doing things. Hopefully it’ll help others.”


Barton James

President and CEO, ACCA

Barton James serves as the president and chief executive officer of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. ACCA is the largest national trade association representing more than 60,000 professionals, and 3,000 HVACR businesses, providing education, advocacy services, and networking to support the business development interest of members and championing the national health of the HVACR Industry. 

Before being named ACCA’s president and CEO, Barton was responsible for representing ACCA on industry issues before Congress and the Administration, as well as overseeing all political advocacy and ACCA-PAC operations. Prior to joining ACCA, he spent thirteen years as the Executive Director of the National Mitigation Banking Association, Director of Advocacy for the Land Trust Alliance, and Director of Public Policy for Ducks Unlimited. Barton has also spent a decade working in staff leadership roles in the U.S. House of Representatives and serving as a political appointee in the Bush Administration at the United States Small Business Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture.

Edward “Eddie” McFarlane has been the VP of Learning and Development for Haller Enterprises, located in York, PA, since 2018. He serves on the boards for both ACCA and NATE and is a veteran of the industry for nearly 20 years. Like many others in the HVAC industry, Eddie started his career as a service technician. He joined Haller Enterprises in 2006, with a focus on Residential Service and Replacement. Throughout the years, Eddie has served in a variety of positions within the company including Sales, Management and Marketing. He has especially enjoyed working with the team in Commercial and Residential, New Construction, and Service and Replacement. With a passion for the industry and a desire to help others reach their fullest potential, Eddie enjoys sharing the best practices. He is a frequent presenter at both the PAACCA and the ACCA conferences.

Eddie McFarlane

Vice President of Learning and Development, Haller Enterprises ACCA Vice Chair

Pete Fornieri

Vice President, Product, FieldEdge

Pete joined FieldEdge in June, 2019 as the Vice President of Product. Pete has over 20 years of experience working in Product and IT roles for SaaS companies. His role, prior to joining FieldEdge, was CTO at Coolfront where he played an integral role in the launch of the web-product (2012) through the sale of the Company (2019). Pete has strong management experience where he’s built and led several IT and product teams located both on-site and off-shore. Pete holds a Bachelor’s in English at SUNY Fredonia and did graduate work in the IT Master’s program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Kirby Oscar has 6+ years of experience as a business development and strategic partnerships leader with a focus on product partnerships and building out partner ecosystems that drive new customer acquisition, retention, and generate alternative revenue sources.

Kirby Oscar

Director of Partnerships, FieldEdge

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