How to Use The Plumbing Pricing Calculator

For beginners, this plumbing pricing calculator will help you make more money. However, if you want to optimize your services 100% (and turn your business into a growth machine), we highly recommend you check out FieldEdge!


FE Plumbing Pricing Calculator

Step 1: Monthly Overhead Costs

To find out how much to charge your clients, you first need to know (or have a close average!) on how much your spending on overhead costs. In this step, enter in all your monthly expenses. Then, the calculator will find your Total Monthly Overhead. *Note: Business taxes not included in the formulas below.

Step 2: Break Even and Profit Goals

Using your Total Monthly Business Overhead Expenses, number of techs on your team, average hours worked per month (per plumber), average pay per hour, and your desired profit margin the calculator will calculate your Monthly Goal Revenue.
(Per Month Per Plumber)

(Plumber # * Average Pay * Hours Worked)

Total Monthly Revenue Required + (Total Monthly Revenue Required x Desired Profit Margin) = Monthly Goal Revenue

Step 3: Project and Materials Cost

This section will vary based on each job (e.g. If a new unit is needed vs if you're just working on a minor repair) so adjust accordingly.
Equipment / Replacements per Job


Total Monthly Revenue Required + (Total Project Material Expenses x Profit Margin) = Total Project Material Cost

Step 4: Labor Costs

Enter in your hourly rate, estimated number of hours, and your service call / travel fees and the calculator will return Total Project Labor Cost and Total Project Cost.
Typically higher than pay
(Based on Job Needs)

(Hourly Rate x Estimated Hours)

Total Project Material Cost + Total Project Labor Cost = Total Project Cost

Step 5: Project Profit

Enter in your tech's hourly pay and the calculator will return your profit from labor, materials profit, total project profit, average job # to reach monthly profit goals and Total Project Cost.

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