FieldEdge is the new name for dESCO, the company that invented service software for contractors

Field Service Software by FieldEdge

Become a Connected Contractor

Connect and organize. We give you the edge.

FieldEdge is the ultimate field management service software for contractors that connects every part of your business on one simple yet powerful system. Accessible from anywhere and updated in real-time, FieldEdge gives everyone on your team an extra edge, from the office to the field.


A smart dispatch board that shows you everything

On a single screen, see all your work orders: assigned, unassigned and completed. Never worry about assigning the wrong tech – assign work orders to techs based on skill set and availability.

  • To assign a job, just drag the job to the tech
  • See status in real-time: traveling, working, done
  • Use map based scheduling to intelligently route your techs
  • Decrease “windshield time”

Learn more about scheduling and dispatching


Wow your customers every time

Creating life-long customers begins with providing great, reliable service. We give you the tools to provide a VIP experience every time.

  • Quickly review all of the work that you’ve performed and quoted each time a customer calls
  • Know exactly what equipment your current customers are using without ever stepping foot on their property
  • Use images to show homeowners exactly what the problem is and how it’s changed over time

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A dashboard to drive your business

Dashboards show you a snapshot of your business, accessible from anywhere.
  • Actual vs potential sales
  • Upcoming and expiring Service Agreements
  • Average ticket value and job profitability
  • Which techs are making you the most money and who needs training

Learn more about performance dashboards

QuickBooks integration. No more errors, no more double-entry.

Every transaction, whether it’s in the field or in the office, flows right into QuickBooks. QuickBooks integration is a challenge for other systems, but we’ve perfected it.


Automatic QuickBooks integration: fast and flawless

Every transaction, whether in the field or in the office, flows right into QuickBooks. No more double-entry of customer information or paperwork. No more accounting mistakes. Save your office staff at least 20 hours a week on data entry alone. Learn more about our live QuickBooks integration


Track every service agreement. Bill every job

Never leave money on the table again.

  • Know when service agreements are due for renewal, billing, scheduling
  • Send reminders and invoices to customers automatically
  • Increase recurring income
  • Never forget to bill a job. Collect faster

Learn more about managing service agreements


Turn your techs into sales and service wizards

Arm your techs with price books that help them sell additional equipment and services. Increase income on each job and provide better service.

  • Screens show additional items for techs to suggest
  • Good, better and best options
  • Tap to select an item to add to job
  • Total invoice goes directly into QuickBooks

Learn more about professional sales presentation


Get paid faster while providing better service

Tired of leaving money on the table? FieldEdge gives you the tools to reduce unpaid invoices, get paid faster, and identify your top performers.

  • Invoices flow directly from the field to the office so you never lose another one
  • Email invoices right to the customer or use a mobile printer to print on the spot
  • Make payment easy for your customers through integrated payment solutions
  • Total invoice goes directly into QuickBooks

Learn more about paperless quotes & invoices

Turbocharge your techs.
Rev up sales and service.

On each tech’s mobile phone is an arsenal of FieldEdge tools that save time, impress customers and boost income on every work order. With one tap, the invoice goes straight to QuickBooks.


Who the customer is, what to do and how to do it

Your tech sees the customer’s full history with make, model and age of equipment, detailed job notes, as well as what needs to get done. Sell more add-ons and service agreements.

  • Custom forms give techs the steps to complete the job
  • Tech’s work orders show notes, customer and equipment history
  • Show discounted price with purchase of service agreement
  • Visual pricebook to improve price presentation, invoicing and quoting process

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Stay connected when you’re on the move

Running a field service company rarely means clocking in and out around normal business hours. FieldEdge Mobile makes it easy to keep your business running while you’re on-the-go.

  • Automatically send a text, email, or voicemail to let customers know your tech is on the way
  • Create work orders and dispatch technicians from your mobile device
  • No more remembering to clock in and out – FieldEdge Mobile gives friendly reminders and sends status updates to the office dispatch board

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