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Formerly dESCO dESCO ESC Software By FieldEdge

FieldEdge is the new name for dESCO. We invented field service management software and continued to grow in our industry by taking the successes of our ESC software, and creating a new, more advanced solution. FieldEdge is our more robust, feature-rich service management software solution that enables you to increase sales performance and streamline your daily tasks all in one place.

Move From ESC To FieldEdge Cloud Based Software

One of our product experts will walk you through the FieldEdge software and show you the advanced functionality that will allow your business to:

  • Run your entire business in the office and field
  • Seamlessly sync to QuickBooks in real-time
  • Efficiently dispatch technicians to the field
  • Increase sales performance with advanced reporting

Why ESC Customers Are Moving
to FieldEdge

ESC set the standard for service management software when it was first released. Now, previous ESC customers are finding that FieldEdge provides even more value with its advanced functionality and ability to increase visibility across their business. Learn about the experiences of customers who have successfully transitioned from ESC to FieldEdge.

FieldEdge – The Advanced Version of ESC

ESC Dispatch Software Upgraded

  • Smarter, more efficient dispatching
  • Manage jobs and finances
  • Maximize your ability to sell more
  • Never forget to schedule or bill jobs

Complete more jobs in a day – FieldEdge simplifies the process even more, making dispatching technicians and increasing profits easier than ever.

Quickly & easily access customer accounts

Create a customizable customer qualification

Build technician skill levels to aide in assigning jobs

FieldEdge Mobile vs. ESC Mobile

Like the ESC mobile app, your techs can take operations on the go with FieldEdge Mobile. By switching to FieldEdge Mobile, you can improve field productivity to a greater level than ESC and arm your techs with a more detailed rundown of customers and jobs to provide high-quality, tailored customer service.

  • Get real-time status updates with time tracking
  • View full dispatch information
  • Create invoices and quotes
  • Process payments
  • Upsell directly in the field

QuickBooks Integration

Just like ESC, FieldEdge seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to keep all of your data synchronized. No need to import or export and all your information is in one place.

  • QuickBooks integration pulls records right into FieldEdge - no need for double entry or batch syncing
  • Customers, jobs, vendors & purchase orders stay in sync with no import/export needed
  • Accounting stays accurate with data validation

Award Winning dESCO Support

Still on ESC? If you need support, our Stevie Award-winning support team is here to help!