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“FieldEdge understands what HVAC contractors need for long-term success. They’re dedicated to providing the training and tools to help their customers grow – and that’s why I’ve chosen to partner with them.”

Ron Smith, HVAC Coach and Industry Pioneer

Turbocharge Your Technicians

HVAC software is an essential tool for owners and managers of HVAC companies to grow their businesses. With FieldEdge solutions, your technicians are equipped to ramp up efficiency, generate bigger tickets, and provide great customer service.

View Your Entire Business At A Glance

Running a great HVAC business requires you to know how your team is performing, especially when things heat up. You need a flexible and powerful management software to grow your company. FieldEdge allows you to quickly see how your entire company is performing and make improvements on the fly.

Put Your Trust in the HVAC
Software Built to Last

Are you putting your data and future at risk? FieldEdge has a 36+ year legacy and culture of innovation. Put your trust in the company with a proven reputation. Over 6,000 other home service companies already have.

Field Service Software Benefits for HVAC Businesses

Grow Revenue
Increase the number of customers your technicians can service in a day and reduce the need for return visits by equipping techs with a powerful mobile app. FieldEdge eliminates missed revenue from misplaced invoices. Enable your technicians to bill and collect payment in the field, reducing the messy and expensive collections process.
Delight Customers
Great HVAC companies know top class service starts with knowing your customers. FieldEdge enables your entire team to be on the same page when it comes to keeping track of past customer work orders, recording equipment history, and providing service agreements to keep equipment running smooth.
Streamline Operations
HVAC companies need the right tools in the office. Give your CSRs and office managers the tools to quickly pull up service history when customers call. Easily identify which customers are up to date with their balances and who needs a reminder.
Save Time and Make Money
HVAC companies using FieldEdge save each office employee 20 hours per week on average while technicians average 25% more work orders per day. Eliminate painful double-entry in the office and reduce windshield time in the field by switching to FieldEdge.

HVAC Service Software FAQs

What is HVAC software?

HVAC service software is used by contractors to run all areas of their operation. This includes scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, marketing, reporting, and much more. Software is widely regarded as a must-have tool for HVAC business looking to grow and manage their operations.

What is the best HVAC software?

The best HVAC software is the one that fits your business! When evaluating HVAC software, you should always look at how all the features of the software flow together.  If the flow of the software doesn’t fit the flow of your business, you and your employees will grow incredibly frustrated. Many HVAC contractors find that FieldEdge is very intuitive because the software’s design was created with heavy input from owners, dispatchers, and technicians. FieldEdge was also started by two HVAC contractors over 35 years ago!

What are the benefits of HVAC software?

Most companies find that using an HVAC software improves many areas of their business. Office staff is less burdened by paperwork and is more efficient at dispatching technicians. The software takes the guess work out of which technician will be closest and has the skillset to complete the work order.   Technicians are more equipped to provide great customer service and increase ticket size by knowing customer history and providing customers with good-better-best options.   Owners can rest easy knowing they’re focusing on the right aspects of their company with detailed reporting and dashboards on company performance.

Does your HVAC software have a mobile app?

Of course! Each technician with a mobile license can download the app directly from the app store. From this mobile application, the technician will be able to see assigned work orders, customer and equipment history, present good-better-best options to customers, take payment in the field, and much more.

Is the app available on Android or Apple?
Yes. Our app is available on both Android and iOS (Apple) devices.
Does your HVAC software integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes. We built the very first Quickbooks integration for HVAC software over a decade ago. Our real-time integration means no more double-entry. Don’t fall for other software companies’ claims that their batching process is a “live Quickbooks integration”.

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