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Scheduling & Dispatch Software

FieldEdge’s features take the guess work out of scheduling and dispatching so you can focus on taking more calls and making more money.

Dispatching Software

Service Schedule Software For Better Planning

Smart Dispatching
Location Mapping
Phone Integration
Crew Management

Smart Dispatching

Dashboards show you a snapshot of your business, accessible from anywhere.

  • Always assign the right person to the right job – our service dispatch software recommends the best technician for the job based on skill set and job location
  • Using the capacity planner you can schedule appointments with your customers ahead of time and optimize your tech’s route accordingly
  • Maximize replacement opportunities by assigning technicians to jobs based on customer equipment age

Location Mapping

Keep track of your techs and identify who your high performers are.

  • Tech statuses are updated in real-time so you always know if techs are idle, traveling, working, late, or finished
  • Make changes on the fly when a job runs long by simply changing the technician assigned to a work order
  • Give your customers the updates they want by automatically sending a text, call, and email when the technician is on the way
  • See which techs are being the most profitable and which ones needs some more training

Phone Integration

Know who's calling and which source they are coming from.

  • Caller information auto-populates in the system, helping you focus on the customer and not just their information
  • Color coded incoming calls help you identify prospects, customers, and solicitors so you can prioritize the most important calls
  • Automatically track the lead source for every incoming call so always know the profitability of your marketing efforts
  • Provide great customer experience every time by pulling up the customer’s full account details with a single click

Crew Management

Easily manage complex jobs by putting together crews.

  • Group multiple technicians to create a crew that will be working on a single work order
  • Send help by adding a helper to a work order on the fly
  • Assign a technician or crew to a work order for multiple days for bigger jobs
  • Create different boards to group techs by department or zone

Mobile Dispatch App

Dispatch Track App To Keep Your Business Running

Customer Notification
Dispatch On-The-Go
Time Tracking

Customer Notification

Don’t leave your customers wondering where you are.

  • Give your customers up-to-date information on where you are and when you’re arriving
  • Let your customers and the office know you’re on your way with the click of a button
  • Send an automated email the day before to remind your customers about your appointment

Dispatch On-The-Go

Take and schedule calls anywhere and anytime.

  • With the FieldEdge mobile dispatch app, there’s no need to lug around a bulky laptop or call into the office to have someone else schedule a job
  • Create work orders and dispatch your techs right from your mobile device
  • Easily move around schedules if a job runs long or someone’s kid gets sick without having to head into the office

Time Tracking

Timesheet tracking allows you to automatically records tech's time

  • FieldEdge keeps a detailed log as techs update their status throughout the day including traveling, working, and idle time
  • Job stages are automatically updated as a tech navigates through the app. No more forgetting to click into the app as the job progresses
  • All status changes post to the office instantly so you always know where your techs are

Less Hassle, More Control

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The ultimate field management service software for contractors that connects every part of your business on one simple yet powerful system

FieldEdge truly has impacted our entire team & continues to engage us in significant ways, thereby creating more profitability.

Victoria Gonzalez, Admin Assistant Kiley & Sons, Inc
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When reflecting on our 1st year with FieldEdge, it is apparent our productivity, efficiency, customer service & branding has improved. Joining FieldEdge truly has impacted our entire team & continues to engage us in significant ways, thereby creating more profitability. Kiley & Sons, Inc is constantly impressed with the customer service everyone provides to us at FieldEdge which, has built a relationship with our return on investment that is truly invaluable.

Victoria Gonzalez, Admin Assistant   Kiley & Sons, Inc

The marketing tools that are available within the program are amazing!

Sue Stewart A1 Air Conditioning & Heating
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The biggest value to our company is efficiency – with the mechanics invoicing using mobile we can upload the invoice, take payment and book return calls before he has even pulled out of the driveway. If a customer calls and asks for a copy of an invoice or a statement of their account, we can email with one click. The marketing tools that are available within the program are amazing!

Sue Stewart   A1 Air Conditioning & Heating