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Payment Processing Made Simple With FieldEdge Payments

  • Easily invoice customers before or after their service appointment with an online bill
  • Collect payments in the field with just a click of a button on our securely hosted payment platform
  • Get your money the very next business day with FieldEdge’s built-in payment processing powered by Clearent
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Invoice Received 03/16/2020

Simplify Payments And
Organize Your Funds

Accept Payments In The Field

Easily connect a mobile card reader to your tablet or smartphone so your techs can accept payments at service appointments.

Accept Payments In The Field

Real-Time Reconciliation

Once you take a payment in the field, it is immediately associated with an invoice and processed in FieldEdge and QuickBooks.

Real-Time Reconciliation

Eliminate Errors

Avoid the extra time and human errors that come with recording payments in multiple systems.

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24/7 Access To Your Account

Clearent’s Compass® Online Reporting Tool provides transparent reporting and breaks down every transaction and fee on a statement, in comparison to other payment processors that provide vague and misleading statements.

Live Support

Clearent’s terminal support team is ready to answer your questions quickly so you can get back to business.

24/7 Access To Your Account

Full-Service Payment Solution

Clearent is a full-service, payments solution provider with more than 400 employees, 45,000 merchants, and $16 billion in processing volume. From traditional point-of-sale terminals, mobile solutions, and tablet-based systems to a custom-built virtual terminal, eCommerce plug-ins, and hosted payments, Clearent helps small business owners securely accept payments just about anywhere. To learn more, visit clearent.com.

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Full-Service Payment Solution