vs. Service Fusion

Curious about Service Fusion alternatives? Find the best field service management software for your business!

Looking for the right software to run your service business? We hear from just like yours that are making the choice between FieldEdge vs Service Fusion, or who may be looking for Service Fusion alternatives.

FieldEdge was built from the ground up specifically for service businesses like yours to complete more jobs faster, streamline operations, and maximize profitability.

Even though FieldEdge and Service Fusion are both service management software systems, with FieldEdge you’ll have access to:

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FieldEdge vs. Service Fusion Integrations

We’ve heard from some Service Fusion customers that they don’t quite have the integrations needed to streamline their businesses. This could really slow you down, which is a tough price to pay when your business moves fast.

That’s why we offer a wide variety of seamless integrations with FieldEdge, including:

Plus, if you are looking for support in growing your business beyond software integrations, FieldEdge’s Field Services Academy can help! Join our exclusive community for business coaching and growth tips.

FieldEdge as an Alternative to Service Fusion

There’s a reason FieldEdge is the smart choice for your business. In addition to saving service businesses a massive amount of time (up to 20+ hours per week), we also have powerful integrations, scheduling and dispatching tools, CRM, and a highly accessible mobile app.


Do you want to learn how FieldEdge can help you save time, maximize efficiency, and grow your business?  Book a quick demo to learn more and see the differences when comparing FieldEdge vs Service Fusion.