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FieldEdge Flat Rate

Coolfront is now FieldEdge Flat Rate. With the same Coolfront features thousands of contractors depend on, FieldEdge Flat Rate is the best-in-class flat rate price book. It’s a simple tool that ensures your business is more profitable, efficient and consistent.

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How FieldEdge Flat Rate Can Help Your Business

All things available with Coolfront (like the Coolfront app) are now part of FieldEdge Flat Rate. Here are just a few of the ways successful service businesses like yours are using FieldEdge Flat Rate integrated with FieldEdge:

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Value of FieldEdge Flat Rate

Optimized Workflow

Everything is located in one place and can be accessed readily.

Managed Pricing Database

Regular updates on repairs pricing ensure that margins are maintained and customers are offered the best options.

Better Customer Experiences

With Flat Rate right within FieldEdge software, it's easier for customers to understand quotes and repairs in one location.

Easier Adoption

One solution accelerates start-up time for your team - learn how to use both tools at the same time!

How Does FieldEdge Flat Rate (or Coolfront) Work?

Our database works within FieldEdge to continuously update equipment and pricing – ensuring that you’re always presenting the best options to customers.

Our large database shows pricing for HVAC, plumbing, electrical and appliance repairs. You can set pricing based on your needs and how you’d like to present options during sales.

You’ll reduce customer pushback and give all options up front – it’s that easy!

Coolfront App, Now
FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile

Techs take flat rate pricing on the go with FieldEdge and FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile (formerly the Coolfront Mobile App). Manage all your work orders from anywhere and see all information sync in real-time, in the office and with QuickBooks.


FieldEdge Flat Rate (Coolfront) FAQs

FE FAQ Accordion

What devices can I run FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile (formerly the Coolfront App) on?

FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile works in tandem with the FieldEdge App. They can be accessed on the most popular smartphones, tablets, and computers.

If I use this system will I still be able to adjust prices?

Yes, you can still adjust pricing! Anything entered into the system can be changed at any time to fit your business’s needs.

What happens if I can't find a repair in your database?

With 25,000 repairs in our database, it’s uncommon but it does happen. So we give you the ability to easily create custom repairs!

Is Coolfront the same thing as FieldEdge Flat Rate?

What started out as Coolfront pricing has been integrated with FieldEdge with a new name, FieldEdge Flat Rate!

How does the FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile compare to the Coolfront app?

All the features, functionality, pricing, and calculations you used in the Coolfront app are now available on FieldEdge Flat Rate Mobile.

How do I get started with FieldEdge Flat Rate?

You can see how FieldEdge and FieldEdge Flat Rate work together by booking a free demo!

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