Keeping Technicians Calm This Summer

The summer heat is trickling in, which brings many problems for HVAC companies. Hot weather, longer hours, uncomfortable working conditions, and stressed customers can add to the pressure technicians experience, along with COVID-19. As a result, these factors can impact your business. Here’s how you can keep your company under control this summer.

Be Mindful 

In addition to it being the summertime, things are already tense. Some places are under lockdown due to the virus, many people are out of work or have lost their jobs, people can’t travel to see loved ones, and so much more. As a result, tensions are higher than usual. It’s important to keep these things in mind as your technicians continue to work. 

Monitor Your Team 

Be sure to check in on your team often. Be aware of how they are navigating through this summer. Also, be observant of any physical or behavioral changes. If you start to see your technicians overwhelmed or stressed, give them a break or some time off. You might lose a few calls, but your technicians’ safety and health are far more important.

Remind Your Team of Their Worth

Sometimes, technicians can lose sight of the mission at hand. During times like these, it’s essential to remind them of their importance and what they bring to the table. Your technicians are essential service workers. They’re responsible for ensuring that people are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They’re providing clean air during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even more important, they’re putting their lives at risk by helping others. Your technicians have a big job to do, and they’re doing the best they can. Be sure to remind them of this often. 

Show Appreciation

Small gestures can make a big difference. Go the extra mile and award your team with gift cards for their lunch for the next few days. Send a thank-you note to your technicians’ families, explaining how much stress the job can bring. Verbally tell your technicians how much you appreciate them and their hard work. Also, don’t forget to say thank you to them. All of these small instances can mean a lot to your technicians. 

Focus on What’s Important 

As said before, these times are very stressful. Many things are going on that can bring you down, make you weary, or even make you feel like giving up. However, you have to remember to stay focused. Focus on making successful calls. Focus on your team. Focus on delivering great results, service, and installations. Focus on doing the best that you can for the company. 

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