Maximizing Mindset for Exponential Growth With Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions

On this episode of the Profit Roadmap, we’re talking with two successful brothers from Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions, Wes and AJ Kendall. They are also long-time Service Autopilot Members.

We cover some great topics, including:

  • How to invest in yourself and your business
  • How to avoid burnout
  • The keys to discipline and increased success

About Lawnscaping Solutions

Wes and AJ are both from Nebraska and run the successful company, Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions. They love serving their community and are proud of the growth they’ve achieved in the Midwest.

Forging a Path to Success

Over the past year, AJ and Wes made a dedicated effort to improve their personal growth. Like most business owners, they were stuck in a loop where they would simply work and sleep. There wasn’t much balance, and that can take its toll.

They found that by being intentional with their activities they could bring more balance to their lives. And with diet and exercise, they were not only taking better care of themselves but were also in a position to better tackle the challenges they faced at work.

Before they started doing this, the challenges would feel tougher than they actually were. The day-to-day problems would lead to this sort of downward spiral that spilled out into all areas of their life.

A rough day would lead to taking it out on clients and team members. It was a snowball effect where one bad thing early in the day affects everything else.

Simply put, they knew if they got up early and went to the gym, they were also ready to handle the stresses and challenges that come with running a service business. It gave them the positive mindset they needed and the knowledge that they could get through whatever happened.

Avoiding Burnout

Wes and AJ both talked about how easy it is to work long hours when you have your own business. They put work before time with their families, and always felt like they were putting in so much.

That kind of work ethic is something a lot of service business owners can relate to, and they also know that if you keep going at that pace it can lead to burnout.

In addition to making changes to their diet and exercise, they also made a big mindset shift. They refer to it as taking care of their physical and mental health.

They have a plan, take care of themselves, and perform better at work and at home. They also don’t feel that same stress like they used to and that has removed those feelings of burnout too.

Becoming a Multimillion-Dollar Company

Ultimately AJ and Wes knew that in order for them to run a multi-million dollar company they needed to develop themselves as leaders. They also wanted to have fun while they were doing it.

In order for them to be their absolute best, they needed to invest in themselves first. This allowed them to take conscious actions to achieve the goals they wanted to hit. If they didn’t they would be stuck going through the motions. 

They also understood that by taking ownership of their own personal lives, they were in a better position to say goodbye to all the excuses of why they couldn’t do something. Those excuses aren’t helpful and typically lead to more of the anxiety and stress they were feeling before.

By learning to be their best selves through discipline and self care AJ and Wes are on the path to improving all areas of their life!

Learn More

Be sure to learn more about Wes and AJ by visiting Omaha Lawnscaping.

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