Smart Technology and IoT

I recently did a facilitation presentation for my Business Senior-Seminar class regarding the future of Smart Technology and to be honest, the way technology is advancing these days is pretty cool. When you hear or read about Smart Technology, you’ll see the term “IoT”. IoT is short for Internet of Things which is defined as a network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.

What makes IoT possible? 4 key components:

  • Wifi
  • The Cloud
  • Machine Learning
  • The Internet

IoT is responsible for the interconnectivity of things and devices that we are able to use every day. A few examples are:

Amazon’s Echo/Dot

These small devices come with built-in microphones, speakers, Wi-Fi and voice control software that goes by the name Alexa.

Google Home

Google Home is making an entrance into the market with its own device that is powered by Google Assistant. Similar to the Amazon Alexa, the main difference when talking to the device you say “Hey Google” instead of “Alexa”.

Apple HomeKit

Honestly, what doesn’t Apple have? The Apple HomeKit is a platform that includes a hub device that uses Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to communicate directly to devices including thermostats, door locks, lighting controls, and potentially security systems. One component the Apple HomeKit does not have is voice recognition.

Smart Homes

Homes are beginning to get smarter! The application of Smart Technology within an individual’s home is to create a more comfortable and effective lifestyle. Some features that would be included in a Smart Home consists of

  • Home Security Systems
  • Controlled Exterior and Interior Lighting
  • Automatic Windows and Curtains
  • Entertainment System Controls
  • Intercom Systems
  • Home Energy Management
  • Automatic Garage Doors


Why is all this information important? Smart Technology is starting to make a big impact on how individuals live their daily lives. Now it is even playing a role in businesses. To see more on how technology is changing our field service, click here.

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