7 Tips to Help Protect Employee’s Health

Your business’s health is important during the COVID-19 pandemic but it’s critical to not forget about your employee’s health and safety. These seven tips can help keep them safe and comfortable each and every day!

Talk With Employees

Talk with your employees and make sure they’re comfortable coming into work each day. Some may be more uncomfortable than others due to a higher risk of contracting illnesses or a preexisting medical condition.

Discuss Personal Etiquette

Ensure there are plenty of tissues, paper towels, and hand sanitizer available for employees who cough, sneeze, or just want to quickly disinfect their hands. Ensuring that there is enough hand soap available is also critical.

Implement Flex Policies

Have employees take a vehicle home with them to limit contact with other employees. If possible, have your phones rerouted to your office staff’s cell phones or another line allowing them to work from home. If possible, even having a few employees in each day while allowing the others to work from home on a rotating schedule is a great policy to enact at this time.

Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions

Although you may not be able to limit face-to-face interactions amongst your employees, you may be able to implement this policy with your customers. Try using FaceTime or another video chat to speak with your customers and diagnose the problem they are experiencing. If and when your employees need to have interactions with customers, ensure everyone is wearing a mask and keep a safe distance of at least six feet.

Educate and Practice

Providing resources and proper information to your employees will help keep them safe and knowledgable of the current situation. Videos and printable resources are easy to share and provide quick tips for employees.

Clean and Disinfect

Routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, van handles, sink faucets, countertops, handrails, and tools. Disinfectant wipes work great along with other surface cleaners.

Encourage Any Ill Employees to Stay Home

If anyone feels ill or thinks they may be sick with something other than COVID-19, don’t take your chances – send them home. Encourage anyone who feels ill to remain at home and speak with a doctor immediately. Your employee’s health should be front and center at this time.


Practicing these seven tips will help keep your employee’s health front of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional resources on COVID-19 and your service business, view them here.

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