Ways Technology Can Protect Businesses

Brett Worden, Senior Sales Manager at FieldEdge, joined Phil Ricci, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Enablement at Clearent, on the podcast Clearent Connects to touch base regarding how field service businesses can steer through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Listen to the podcast below or read more about this episode here:

Technology is advancing and businesses are discovering how to pivot with the times. Necessary and daily procedures such as taking payments have come from cash and check to credit cards and online payments. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the technological shift has been accelerated and is even more important to keep businesses prosperous during these trying times.

Consumers are now questioning what businesses are doing to keep them protected. Contactless payment methods, for example, are crucial for businesses when keeping employees and customers safe.

Around 70% of contractors are not digitally operating with the help of software and technology. FieldEdge’s goal is to teach members about the different options they have to move to a digitally-driven business model. This will provide customers with the consistency and peace of mind they are looking for.

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