Boosting Employee & Customer Satisfaction with Applause

On this episode of the Profit Roadmap, we welcome Joel Ragar,  Co-founder and Product Driven Operator & Advisor of Applause. Applause is a mobile app review software that helps measure and improve customer satisfaction, while motivating employees to give 100% on every service job. 

We cover some great topics, including:

  • Measuring and Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Reporting Features
  • Incentivizing Employees with Digital Tips
  • Increasing Reviews
  • And Much More!

Employee Engagement Software That Works

Applause is focused on helping companies supercharge their team’s performance so they can win more lifelong customers. Ragar believes that through automated, real-time incentives, companies can motivate their employees to:

  1. Grow the business by increasing Google reviews and new sales
  2. Retain more customers by improving NPS and customer service
  3. Become more engaged in company success and stick around longer

The purpose of the software is to motivate employees to act like the owner at every door and every service. “Applause is one way we can help them act like owners through reminders.” 

Measuring and Improving Customer Satisfaction

Joel said that to measure customer satisfaction, the company sends text messages to homeowners after service, asking for feedback using Net Promoter Score (NPS). This approach helps build a scorecard and ensures continuous improvement.

The feedback could be as simple as asking the customer to rank the service from 0 to 10 with a question “How likely are you to refer this individual?”

 “That feedback helps us build a scorecard on every employee. It also builds us a scorecard on every customer. Applause helps drive that feedback on every single service.”

Reporting Features

Applause features a full dashboard that keeps track of employee performance. 

The dashboard scorecard for the employee displays information such as: 

  • How many services are they completing?
  • What’s the conversion of people leaving feedback?
  • What is feedback rating?
  • How many are generating Google Reviews?
  • How many are generating tips?

These stats allow for transparency for the employees and the business. 

Joel said that from the dashboard you can see at a glance who your best performers are, who may need to be placed on an improvement plan, who needs more coaching, even who may need to be terminated.

This data is clutch for having one on ones with your employees.   

“Sit down with employees–pull up Applause and here’s the scorecard of your service.” 

Clients know it’s a review software–how do we retain and empower these employees to act like owners? We want it to be looked at as an HR tool. Tipping and reviews are a big part of this.  

“How do you set yourselves apart from (the competition)-Its about service.”

Incentivizing Employees

Instant feedback and voluntary digital tipping depending on the industry is another big software feature. 

 “Many customers would ask how can I tip this crew or individual?”

Every employee has an Applause wallet and when a tip comes in on their behalf it is sent instantly to them. Immediate job feedback is also sent to them. 

An employee may be on job #3 for the day and they receive positive feedback or a tip from their first job they completed. 

This instant access reminds them there is an opportunity on every job to put in 100%. Constant reminders and tips. And the tips are separate from their paycheck where they may just overlook it. 

Get More Google Reviews 

Applause seeks and drives Google reviews. To further incentivize employees, the company rewards them for positive customer reviews

Applause will tell a customer they we will give their employee a $10 tip if they leave a Google review. This shows the customer that Applause stands by their employees and rewards a job well done. The customer is much more likely to spend the time on a review.  

“This humanizes the company in the eyes of customers.”

The company also actively manages online reviews, addressing negative feedback promptly and using it as an opportunity for improvement. This proactive approach reinforces the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about Applause and their latest technology innovations be sure to visit their website.

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