Our Top Ten Field Service Management Blog Posts from 2023

Time flies! As 2023 comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment and share our readers’ 10 favorite field service management blog posts from this year. 

Some speak to specific industries, some are great for any service pro – all have great information to help grow your business. Plus, you’ll get a few tips to help prepare your business for a successful 2024!

New 2023 Residential Efficiency Standards: What HVAC Companies Should Know

This blog post was our number one most visited blog post for the second year in a row. This is a must-read for anybody working in HVAC! 

The SEER rating and testing requirements changed in 2023 and we will continue to update this post as new information becomes available. We strive to keep our HVAC customers on top of their game entering the new year! 

In this field service management blog requirements are broken down by state and there are other helpful links you won’t want to miss. 

If SEER is relevant to you, be sure to check out this post as well. 

Plumber License Guide for Every State

This post provides information on which states require which plumbing license, along with other pertinent information and links. 

It includes links to information for licensing in each state, including: 

  • License issuing body 
  • State testing requirements 
  • Costs required when applying 
  • Here is the updated post for 2024 which includes bonus material on licensing exams!

List of 2023 HVAC Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to keep up on the latest technology, network with other HVAC professionals and see the latest tools and equipment. 

HVAC trade show lists are always popular, as we compile a yearly list of all the top shows. Here are a few of the HVAC shows covered:

The entire 2024 list can be found here and is updated quarterly – don’t miss it!  

How to Start an HVAC Business in 11 Steps

Starting any business is a huge challenge. This field service management blog post lists all the steps you need to follow before turning that first wrench.

Here are just a few steps that are covered:

  • How to write a business plan
  • How to register your business
  • How to know which licenses and certifications you need
  • And much more! 

If you’re just starting out, you may feel uncertain and intimidated by everything that goes into launching a new venture. That’s why we’re giving you all the secrets you need for long-lasting success!

Top Plumbing Trade Shows to Attend in 2023

Like the HVAC trade show post, trade show lists are popular for all the trades. This blog covered the top 2023 plumbing trade shows. 

It highlights information on keynote speakers, venues, and opportunities to learn and stay abreast with current plumbing standards and technology.

Here are a few of the shows covered:

  • AHR Expo: One of the longest running and highly attended shows
  • Service World Expo: The largest contractor event in the US, featuring many industry leaders
  • Kitchen & Bath Industry Show This is thelargest kitchen and bath show in the U.S. and includes plumbing innovations.

Keep your eyes out for a new 2024 trade show post!

Top Electrical Trade Shows To Attend in 2023

Another great trade show blog that we continue to update to keep our customers aware of all the new and great opportunities in the coming year. Here you’ll find a list of all the keynote speakers, venues and dates to keep up with current electrical technology.

Electrical shows covered include:

  • The NECA Show: Most attend this show to see and purchase the latest and greatest products in the electric industry
  • IEC SPARK Conference: This show features a wide range of guest speakers, networking events and educational seminars
  • Service Edge Conference (SEC): This conference hosted by FieldEdge and Service Autopilot is dedicated to helping service businesses grow. It’s tailored specifically for service businesses including lawn care, HVAC, electrical and everything in between

The new 2024 dates are out for electrical trade shows, so make your plans now!

Top HVAC Books to Read

With all the blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics and read an informative book. 

This field service management blog covers the best books to read to increase your HVAC skills and understanding. It also features several titles on history and ways to increase your business as an HVAC owner. 

Performance Pay: Sales Spiff vs Commission

This blog resonates with service professionals trying to boost sales through performance pay. 

What is performance pay? In short, it’s a form of salary, wage, or bonus that is paid to employees based on performance. We compare and contrast spiffs (short term bonuses) with longer term commissions to explain this sometimes confusing topic. 

Wondering which option is best for your team? Wel also go through the pros and cons of each model! 

Must Have Electrician Tools

This blog gives you ten must have electrician tools that will enable you to tackle a wide range of electrical tasks efficiently and safely. 

In addition, you’ll discover a bonus tool to immediately boost your business to the next level! (Spoiler alert: It’s FieldEdge software!)

The Profit Roadmap 

The Profit Roadmap is a podcast from FieldEdge and Service Autopilot covering the field services industry

This podcast helps all types of service businesses and features:

The Profit Roadmap is a lot of fun and something you can easily have on in the background while you’re working in the office or out cleaning.

Now that we took you through the top field service management blog posts of 2023, let’s take a look at some of our other resources from this year. 

Bonus: Your Favorite 2023 Free Field Service Resources

In addition to blog posts, we created quite a few downloadable resources this year. Let’s review a few of them!

Building Your Own HVAC Apprenticeship Packet

Building your own HVAC apprenticeship program can help create a reliable source of skilled workers for your business. 

Learn how to get started by downloading our comprehensive apprentice guide with all the tips and tricks for:

  • Partnering with trade schools
  • Increasing productivity 
  • Providing on-the-job training

Ultimate Guide to HVAC Sales

This guide will help you succeed with proven pro strategies to grow your business through HVAC sales. It includes a bundle of several popular content pieces that will help your business with digital marketing,  improve sales techniques and strategies and discover real world cold calling strategies.

You will also learn how to leverage referrals and recommendations and discover how upsells and cross-sells can boost your bottom line!

Ultimate Guide to Plumbing Sales

Similar to the HVAC Guide, this guide will help your plumbing business grow with next-level plumbing sales strategies. 

You’ll learn how to strengthen your sales program while getting exclusive tips on marketing, referrals, cross-sells and ads.

There you have it–a list of our popular blogs and resources for 2023. Keep up with our blog for more great resources in the coming year!

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