Top HVAC Books to Read in 2021

Top HVAC Books to Read in 2021

As we continue to spend more time at home due to the pandemic, we now have a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge, learn new skills, and master our trade. HVAC books offer beneficial insights into HVAC engineering, service and repair. Check out our list of the top HVAC books.

Residential Construction Academy HVAC

This is considered one of the best comprehensive books on HVAC repair for all residential applications. Focusing on residential heating and cooling, this book also includes helpful visuals to guide your understanding of HVAC troubleshooting.

This book covers different HVAC theories and concepts, while providing guidance on real-life problems that may occur. Based on NAHB/HBI teachings, this HVAC book includes tutorials and step-by-step instructions to solve all severities of heating and cooling problems.

In addition, you’ll find chapters on natural gas, geothermal and electric heating systems, hydronic heating, radiant heating and boilers.

Available at: Cengage, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

This is a standard book for everyone as it suits all levels of HVAC expertise. If you’re a new tech and looking to get started in the industry, this is the HVAC book you need. Even though it was first published in 1968, the 20th edition (2017) offers relevant, credible, and timely information on the latest HVAC trends.

The latest edition of this HVAC book includes new technical updates, such as pertinent information on microchannel heat exchangers, variable frequency drives, variable refrigerant flow systems, additional code alert features, and a broad overview of energy efficiency.

It covers essential industry concepts, HVAC theory, troubleshooting help, and tips on how to install and repair units.

This HVAC book also discusses business fundamentals that prepare technicians for the real world. And you are given access to online modules and workbooks that will help amplify your understanding of the principles.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

This beloved HVAC book focuses primarily on theory. It describes complex engineering concepts that drive the HVAC industry, while offering real-world advice on how to resolve the most common HVAC problems. In addition, it comes with in-depth examples, diagrams, and photos to help promote easy understanding.

This HVAC book reveals sustainable technology used in today’s HVAC industry highlighting new technologies and green awareness. Also, it covers the essential soft skills and customer-relation issues that affect customer satisfaction, retention, and employment success.

Available at: Amazon, Cengage, Barnes & Noble

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The Guide to the NATE-ICE Certification Exams

If you’re looking for a good study book for the NATE-ICE exams, look no further! This is a top-rated HVAC book that will cover all the bases needed to study for the exam.

While the requirements to be a licensed HVAC technician vary by state, all states require passing the NATE-ICE before issuing a license.

This HVAC book offers a step-by-step study guide and helpful insights on important concepts covered on the test. In addition, it includes practice tests containing 2,400 questions over topics such as electrical theory, EPA certification, indoor air quality and safety, and much more.

Available at: Amazon, Pearson

HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb

This 600-page HVAC book offers an in-depth analysis of code requirements, including standards from NFPA, ICC, NEC and ASHRAE.

This HVAC book also includes sections on design condition, cooling and heating load factors, automatic temperature controls, automation, auxiliary equipment, and much more.

In addition, this book explains the piping systems and temperature limitations of new materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, CPVC and PEX. This HVAC book also illustrates different types of facilities, including offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, commercial spaces, and server rooms.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

It’s Go Time

This HVAC book is written by two of the most successful individuals within the industry, Chris Hunter and Ben Stark. The HVAC industry has been extremely good to them and they felt a deep desire to give back to the community by writing a book that outlines their profound success.

This book can help professionals by covering important aspects like:

  • Build an effective service department
  • Obtain a fresh perspective on work/life
  • How to establish a business exit strategy
  • Strategies to recruit, hire, and retain employees

One Amazon reviewer notes, “These men have done such a great job driving home some important lessons about being a leader in The Trades.”

Available at: Amazon, Go Time Success Group, Service Roundtable

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