Top 12 HVAC YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

It is easier than ever to enhance your learning, and HVAC YouTube channels can provide a TON of information.

In fact, with the HVAC YouTube channels we’re sharing, you’ll be able to learn:

  • How to grow your business
  • HVAC strategies to sell more
  • Product and equipment reviews
  • How to troubleshoot and fix problems
  • And so much MORE!

12. HVAC Simulator

This 3D animation HVAC YouTube channel from Nauman Innovation Group does a phenomenal job of breaking down complex HVAC concepts! Their “How it works” Series assists HVAC industry professionals visualize the internal components.

If you are trying to stay up to date on the latest HVAC technology or systems, this channel is a must watch. 

On this HVAC YouTube channel, you’ll learn topics such as:

  • External Static Pressure (ESP)
  • 3D Simulation of Reversing Valve
  • How a Pressure Switch Works

Whether you’re just getting started, or a seasoned HVAC tech, this channel is a powerful resource.

11. HVAC Boss

This fun and entertaining HVAC YouTube channel shows the reality of working as an HVAC tech – something everybody in the industry can relate to! On “Boss Talk” the host answers frequently asked questions such as “What are you looking for when hiring a new HVAC technician?” 

Other interesting videos include:

  • A day as an HVAC boss
  • HVAC Boss Tool Loadout
  • HVAC Apprentice Graduates To A Technician

This owner has a ton of knowledge and gives his viewers real talk about becoming an HVAC professional and how to excel in the field. And he does it with a positive, winning attitude. 

If you are looking to grow a business or career in the HVAC field, this is definitely worth some watches!

10. HVAC Guy

With over 46K subscribers, there are a lot of HVAC enthusiasts that like to watch the HVAC Guy’s videos. He does a really good job of teaching through his informative and entertaining videos. 

His about section sums it up: “My videos are mostly for instructional purposes for novices, and experienced techs alike. It’s hard work, technical, and at times we are in dangerous places. But, most of the time hunting for the problem, and fixing it is a fun way to spend a day.”

He definitely takes you along on some of his scarier houses in need of repair and much more than just HVAC help. You’ll learn a lot from this channel.

Some of the better videos have titles such as “ A Call That Ended with me Calling Animal Control,” “Un-Frigging-Believable,” and “Hackeration Nation.” A very clever and insightful watch!

9. HVAC School

Billed as “For Techs by Techs” the HVAC School channel has tremendous learning potential. With over 300K subscribers and 748 videos, chances are you have been taught a lesson or two by HVAC School. 

This channel is run by Bryan Orr, Co-Founder and President at Kalos Services. He has a “Focus on real, applicable training for techs and contractors as well as general education resource for the industry.” The “Welcome to HVAC School” video will give you a quick feel for their content.

8. Anti DIY HVAC

With close to seven hundred videos, this is an interesting approach on why many do-it-yourself homeowners should leave HVAC to the trained professionals. 

Ted Cook of Ted Cook Heating Service is a veteran HVAC technician and many of his videos bring the viewer along to watch him troubleshoot. 

He focuses on safety, scams and damage caused by a variety of different factors.  

7. HVAC Life

With nearly 300 videos, there’s a lot to learn from this YouTuber and HVAC pro. He likes to post a lot of tips and tricks of the trade. He also likes to experiment with different or better ways to troubleshoot and fix HVAC issues. 

This HVAC YouTube channel focuses on:

  • How-to Videos
  • Diagnostics
  • Tool Reviews

If you’re looking to pick up some helpful hacks, get some tool advice, or just want to level up your learning, the HVAC Life is a great resource.

6. HVAC Know It All

With 29K subscribers, Gary McCreadie entertains and teaches his viewers as he goes through the ups and downs of his work day.

He gives helpful and straightforward product reviews, such as Ambro Controls torch set review. He also includes how to videos. 

His videos are aimed at all skill  levels, from those just thinking about a career in HVAC ( “Should I Start an HVAC Company”) to more senior technicians (The Future of Hydronics). 

If you’re looking for product reviews, career advice and instructions, Gary’s your man.

5. HVAC Explained

This HVAC YouTube channel lives up to its title: its videos explain what HVAC equipment does, along with troubleshooting tips. It’s geared toward future technicians and curious DIY’ers and covers a whole host of interesting challenges such as:

  • Freon Leaks
  • Fire Hazards
  • Boiler Pump Seal Failure 

If you’re in the HVAC industry, this channel can give you some inspiration for your own businesses’ content. These videos do a great job of informing homeowners of how to take care of HVAC systems and how to spot issues. 

4. Hackfreehvac

Another great HVAC YouTube channel featuring the right way to do things out in the field. 

With 15K subscribers and over a thousand videos this channel is jam-packed with useful content. Plus, it features a lot of drone coverage to point out unsafe equipment that you may not see on other channels. 

This journeyman technician works in the Phoenix, AZ area and claims the residential side of the business is ripe with hacks. Great entertainment on what not to do and lots of great videos explaining the correct fixes. 

A few examples of hack jobs include:

  • Sloppy condenser installs
  • Rooftop nightmares
  • Running a home heat pump off of batteries

3.  Zack Talks Shop

This HVAC channel again features over one thousand videos and does a great job with product reviews. 

Zack also covers a lot of life issues such as getting burned out, losing someone close to you and work ethic. He truly is “talking shop,” both work related and life struggles.

This is a refreshing channel that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of all the other leading channels. If you are looking to explore both the personal and professional sides of the HVAC industry, this one is for you! 

2. Misfits of HVAC

Don’t let the title fool you, these HVAC pros know what they’re doing and produce very professional podcast-style videos. 

They host guests on many of the episodes and are entertaining and full of knowledge about everything HVAC. Tune into the livestream on Saturday nights to get your learn on. 

If you like listening on the road, you can also catch Misfits of HVAC episodes on Apple Podcasts!


Chris Morin is the Author, Owner & Founder of the popular HVAC Pro Blog. Morin takes a different angle compared to many of the HVAC blogs by focusing on practical advice for working in HVAC. Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • How To Be a good HVAC apprentice
  • How To Be a Successful HVAC Tech
  • Where To Find Techs and Installers
  • 5 Things Energy Efficiency HVAC Contractors Must Know

In his video Why NOT to DIY Ductless, Morin gives some practical advice: 

“When I talk about do it yourself anything in the HVAC industry it’s typically a bad idea”


In addition to our favorite 12 YouTube channels here’s a bonus channel: our very own Profit Roadmap podcast! FieldEdge and Service Autopilot relaunched the Profit Roadmap podcast and it’s getting great responses. 

This podcast is specifically for field service professionals – from lawn care to HVAC to residential cleaning, plumbing, and more!

The Profit Roadmap is co-hosted by Ryan Yelvington, FieldEdge content creator, and Rebekah Spencer, Service Autopilot senior training specialist. Together they’ve been working with service professionals just like you for over 16 years.

Here are just a few of the recent episodes:


There you have it– more than a dozen of the best HVAC YouTube channels to learn more about the world of HVAC!

These channels will give you:

  • Professional business advice
  • Insider tips and tricks
  • Tutorials for the things you don’t know
  • Product reviews for those things you’ve been thinking of buying
  • Answers to your biggest questions
  • Entertaining vlogs

 If you’re looking to grow your HVAC business and knowledge, these YouTube channels can help you get there.

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