Value of GPS Integration into Service Management Software

GPS integration is important for effective fleet management. When you don’t have complete visibility over your field technicians’ location, several problems can occur. It can be challenging to keep your technicians accountable, especially when you don’t know where they are, or where they have been. Also, when emergencies arise, you won’t be able to know who is closest to handle the situation. 

Therefore, integrating a GPS into your field service management software can prove to be very beneficial for your company. Not only will you be able to get vehicle locations and better transparency with your technicians, but you’ll also be able to experience enhanced productivity and efficiency. 

Benefits of GPS Integration

Access to Driver and Vehicle Data

You can easily monitor your fleet’s performance with a smartphone or PC and identify information such as: 

  • The current vehicle address
  • The vehicle speed and direction 
  • The nearest driver to a location to help reduce response times

Custom Alerts

With GPS integration, you can set up custom alerts based on business needs/goals, such as: 

  • Immediate alerts for events to know when there is a problem 
  • Hourly service/summary reports 
  • Driving and fuel reports for safety purposes

Mileage Tracking and Fuel Management

You can effectively track mileage data to help save money and know when vehicles need maintenance. With fuel costs being one of the biggest expenses, you can reduce fuel consumption by monitoring acceleration and speeding patterns. In addition, fleet managers can optimize driving routes.

Overall Safety

Perhaps the most significant benefit of fleet vehicle tracking is your entire fleet’s overall safety. Drivers are aware of the monitoring, and managers know exactly where each vehicle is. GPS tracking also allows you to identify problems before they occur, saving time and money for the company. 

Theft Recovery

If a vehicle ends up missing or stolen, a GPS tracking system can identify the vehicle and inform authorities of its location for quick recovery. 


GPS tracking offers many benefits for fleet management and can help cut costs, improve productivity, and increase customer satisfaction — all of which contribute to a more efficient business.

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