Grogg’s Home Services Story

Grogg’s makes efforts to support its community and help those in need

Adam McDowell, Director of Finance & IT for Grogg’s Home Services in West Virginia, dives into Grogg’s latest efforts during an interview with FieldEdge. Adam has been with the company for almost 8 years and manages marketing, I.T., finances, and day-to-day operations. Grogg’s was founded in 1970 and is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year.

Grogg’s Home Services decided to partner with FieldEdge in hopes to streamline processes. Now live with FieldEdge, is enjoying the seamless integration FieldEdge offers with QuickBooks. During the pandemic, the company is taking precautions to keep its staff and customers safe during the pandemic. It has also made efforts to give back to its community and help those who have been affected by COVID-19.

Listen to why Grogg’s Home Services decided to partner with FieldEdge and how it has supported the community in the past few months even though the busy season is upon us. Celebrating 50 years of business, Grogg’s continues to grow and make a positive impression despite unsure times. 

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