Tips For Hiring Qualified Employees

The future of your business depends on your hiring practices. By creating a structured and thorough hiring process, you’re taking the necessary step to attract the right talent for your business. 

The proper talent will help shape your company’s culture and without a useful hiring process, you’ll be wasting essential resources, time and money.

This series of hiring tips on what to do and what not to do will make hiring a breeze!

In this post we’ll cover:

  • What to do
  • What Not to do

Hiring Tips – What To Do

A clear hiring process is cost efficient and will simplify how you find and qualify candidates. A complete hiring process contains the following key steps:

  1. Appropriately distinguish and define the job position
  2. Promote the open position on job boards
  3. Select the ideal candidate that checks all the boxes
  4. Verify and confirm skills through interviews

Defining the Vacancy

When defining the open position, be concise and accurate. To land the ideal employee, you need to create a clear and transparent description. A too-lengthy description will attract a crowd of applicants that may not not be a fit for the job.

Clearly list and explain the job responsibilities, desired qualifications and required work experience. Including a few sentences about the company culture and work environment can attract more suitable applicants.

Also be sure to list out key benefits that your company offers. Health insurance, PTO policies and retirement matching can all be a huge draw for applicants.

Clarity early in the hiring process will thin the field of applicants and improve candidate quality.

Advertising the Job

When creating a hiring process, advertising may be the most time consuming but also most important step in the process. Leverage job boards and career websites to advertise job openings and attract skilled individuals to the position.

Embracing digital trends and social media is an effective way to reach out to more individuals. LinkedIn has become popular for employers and candidates to get extensive background information before offering a potential interview. Here are a few other sites you might use to advertise your jobs: 

Another great place to advertise open jobs is  in trade schools or hardware stores. Posting a listing on these boards can still attract solid candidates. 

Connecting with Potential Candidates

When you begin receiving applications, be responsive and enthusiastic. If a highly-talented individual doesn’t sense that you care about your work, they’ll quickly move on to find a company that does. 

When connecting with prospective employees, your attitude should reflect the company culture and values. Use yourself or your hiring manager as an example of your business’s core values.

When interviewing, be welcoming to the candidate. Share why you are passionate about your job and be sure to save time to have the candidate ask questions they have. Remember, they are also interviewing YOU to see if they would be a fit for the role and company!

If you are the main contact for hiring needs and are coordinating interviews, be sure to frequently update candidates about timelines and next steps. Nobody likes to go through an interview process only to hear nothing for weeks afterwards. 

Making an Offer

When sharing the news of a job offer, share it over the phone. Informing a candidate over the phone is a more personal delivery than an email. It’s also a great opportunity to help make the candidate feel valued and excited! 

Follow up the phone conversation with a written offer that provides details such as: Job title, description, office location, when to report, and rate of pay/period. Be sure to define a start date and any other information they need before their first day.

Be sure to have a place for both them and the company owner to sign. It’s best to get a lawyer to review any employment letters to ensure they are legally sound!

It’s also important to have a process in order when rejecting candidates. Be sure to email them and thank them for their time and effort. You can also give them constructive feedback on what they could improve on. 

What Not To Do

Even with a hiring process, you may still face a set of challenges hiring the right people. During your hiring process, be careful and mindful of these common but avoidable mistakes:

Hiring at the Wrong Time

A common issue is finding the right time to hire an additional employee. It is a difficult task to balance the need to hire more people while avoiding overspend on payroll. Hire only when you need to.

Find the details of the vacancy on your team. Do you have enough overhead to cover a salary? Do you need a full-time employee, or is this a seasonal add-on? Will an entry-level candidate work, or do you need someone with a sizeable amount of experience?


If you are a small team, it may be best to hire an apprentice or part time help before committing to a full-time, long-term salary.

Rushing Hiring Decisions

Rushing your decision is one of the most frequent mistakes made during the hiring process. Many times, this leads to an employee who may not be a fit, which may lead to a decline in company growth. 

When a spot becomes vacant or your team is working 60 hour weeks, you may feel the necessity to hire immediately. While filling the spot is of primary importance, this does not mean you should ignore leading a careful background check and following the full hiring process. 

Hiring a poorly equipped candidate will likely lead to hiring an employee lacking the necessary skills to succeed. You might also find yourself with an employee who isn’t willing to learn or who has a bad attitude. Either way, the rest of your team will be bogged down by somebody who is not a fit. 

When you take your time to hire, you will increase the chances of finding and retaining the right candidates to successfully fulfill any openings. This saves your business time, money and resources. Plus you’ll set the company up for long-term success.

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Crush Your Hiring Process with These Tips!

Today we learned several important hiring tips for what to do and what not to do during the hiring process. Implement these strategies and you’ll be on your way to hiring the best and brightest employees! 

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