How Much Do Plumbers Make in 2024?

No matter if you’re new or experienced in the plumbing industry, you likely want to know if you’re earning (or paying your plumbers) a fair wage. Chances are, you’ve found yourself asking the question, “How much do plumbers make?”

Keep in mind, the U.S. nationwide salary is wide-ranging due to differences in region, experience, specialization and certifications. Keep in mind, the averages in this article reflect average wages in the U.S. and do not take individual states into account. A look inside the U.S. nationwide salary will provide a better view into the state-by-state averages.

Whether you’re a plumber or business owner, this simple guide can help.

In this article, you’ll discover the answer to the question, “How much do plumbers make,” based on experience and specialization.

Also, we’ll cover the average salaries of:

  • Apprentices
  • Tradesmen
  • Journeymen
  • Master plumbers


Apprentice Salary

Apprentice Salary Per Year Per Hour
Glassdoor $45,143 $21.70
Indeed $45,711 $19.54
PayScale $34,881 $16.77 $43,100 $20.72
ZipRecruiter $48,839 $21.00


As an apprentice plumber, the salaries average from $34,881 to $48,839 per year. Alternatively, they earn an average between $16.77 and $21.70 per hour and a $5,500 average in additional overtime compensation per year.

Since an apprentice is an entry-level position for plumbers with usually less than 2-3 years of experience, starting salaries tend to have a wider range. Keep in mind, these plumbers require unique supervision and training, so different locations and businesses reflect this in their salary offerings.

Tradesman Salary

According to Glassdoor, a tradesman plumber has an average salary of $55,768 per year or $26.81 per hour. In most states, supervision is still required from a journeyman or master plumber for certain plumbing services. Depending on your state’s requirements, a tradesman may also supervise an apprentice plumber.

Journeyman Salary

Journeyman Salary Per Year Per Hour
Glassdoor $67,952 $32.67
Indeed $64,360 $32.18 $64,480 $31.00
ZipRecruiter $68,776 $33.07


A journeyman plumber’s salary averages between $64,360 and $68,776 per year. Alternatively, they earn an average between $31.00 and $33.07 per hour with about $4,000-$7,000 in additional overtime compensation per year.

While a journeyman plumber can oversee an apprentice (and in some cases, a tradesman), they still require direct supervision from a master plumber for certain services.

Master Plumber Salary

Master Plumber Salary Per Year Per Hour
Glassdoor $98,000 $47.12
PayScale $64,459 $30.99 $63,618 $30.59
ZipRecruiter $83,300 $40.00

Master plumbers average a salary between $63,618 and $98,000 and their hourly pay may range from $30.59 to $47.12  per hour.

In most cases, a master plumber is the final position in the plumber career path prior to leadership or ownership of a new business. Although their position is not the same as a plumbing inspector, master plumbers oversee all plumbers and aid greatly in the training process.

Remember, depending on your state, you might have different licenses and certifications you’ll need to acquire for a master plumber position. As always, check your state’s specific requirements.

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Now You Know the Answer: How Much Does a Plumber Make?

Keep in mind, the answer to, “How much do plumbers make,” is largely dependent on your state and surrounding area. The numbers presented in this article reflect average salaries in the United States. However, it’s important to research your state’s specific salary averages for the most accurate estimate.

Now, you know the answer to the big question, “How much do plumbers make?” Use what you’ve discovered in this easy guide to determine how much plumbers earn based on their level of experience and specialization.

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