Five Ways to Improve Airflow in the Office

As many businesses are beginning to resume back in the office, proper airflow becomes a main priority. Coupled with increasing health standards due to the pandemic, the office needs to be comfortable, safe, and breathable for all employees. 

When indoor air quality problems arise, it’s usually caused by airflow problems coming from the air conditioning system. Read on for simple fixes that HVAC technicians can perform to improve airflow, air quality, productivity, and comfort in the office. 

Clear Any Ventilation Blockage 

If the office is experiencing inconsistent temperatures, the air conditioning registers and vents may be closed or blocked. Therefore, as a first and easy step, ensure that all vents and registers are open and not blocked by furniture. 

Check Condensing Unit 

Some HVAC systems have a condensing unit, which can be located outside or in a ventilated room. To ensure proper airflow, the condensing unit needs to be unobstructed and free from debris. If the unit is outside, there could be leaves or dirt accumulating inside or around the unit. 

Change Filters

Every air conditioner comes with filters that remove dust from the air. When the filter becomes clogged, air cannot properly enter the system. Also, it causes improper airflow to the office, resulting in stuffy air and inconsistent temperatures throughout. 

Check HVAC Unit Size 

This is an often overlooked step, but if the current AC unit is from a previous tenant or installed incorrectly, it may be oversized for the space. Oversized HVAC units are ineffective and could cost more money to maintain. In addition, due to its size, the unit may have shorter cycling issues. Short cycling causes the HVAC system to start up and shut down rapidly, without thoroughly heating up or cooling down the environment. As a result, the air is left humid and uncomfortable. 

Clean Condenser Coils 

The condenser coils are apart of the condensing unit, which is part of the outdoor unit. Its job is to remove heat from the air by transferring it outside the building. If the condenser coils become dirty, heat transfer will be disrupted, and the system will have to work harder to provide air. Even worse, it could result in weak parts or even system failure. 

These five fixes can solve most airflow issues that arise with AC units. Not only does improper airflow affect air quality and comfort, but it also affects company productivity. Uncomfortable air can sabotage productivity and result in odor problems or weird noises. Provide your clients with a more comfortable office environment by checking and cleaning their HVAC systems to improve airflow in their offices.

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