Going Mobile: Why Your Business Should Make the Switch

1. Kick Your Professionalism Up a Notch

You own or work at a professional, credible company so make sure you show it! Paper is a thing of the past. More than 60% of Americans own a smartphone, don’t you think you should keep up? Pesky handwritten work orders can have sloppy handwriting, wrinkles, and you or your customers can easily lose track of them.

Plus, when you go mobile, you can guarantee consistency in the way technicians are working with customers. There are no questions about what information is being captured, written down on the work order, or what prices are being charged. Everyone works with the same tool – a mobile app.

2. Better Customer Service & Office Efficiency

Going mobile helps everyone in the company. Office staff are more efficient since there are no invoices to mail, schedules to print and write up or dual entry into various programs. For example, Coolfront’s integration with QuickBooks accounting software allows office staff to file and invoice immediately following a technician’s visit. There’s no more waiting for technicians to visit the office and hand in a bunch of scribble and no need to manually re-type customer information. So that means more time for answering customer phone calls and getting more business. Plus you may even be able to make it in time for Happy Hour on Thursdays! 

Read how to integrate FieldEdge with your QuickBooks software here

Technicians provide more consistent and quick customer service. There’s no need to run back into the truck to look something up, rifle through notebooks and old work orders, or provided a dreaded price anchor when talking money with a customer. Mobile apps have it all stored in one place on whichever device you’re using. Techs can easily answer questions about a customer’s repair history, and provide prices up front for customer approval.

3. Make More Money

Did you know it costs you around $2.63 per paper work order you use? Here’s the comparison between the cost of a paper work order and a Coolfront mobile work order.

4. Do MORE with LESS

Remember that customer that you lost because you decided to keep your pricing book in the truck? “Fahgetaboutit!” Going mobile allows you instant access to all of your needs in the form of a lightweight mobile device. Lugging around a baby tree worth of paper is becoming outdated. Now just grab your device & diagnose. BADA BING! It’s that friggin’ easy!

5. Did I Remember to …

So you are sitting at home and enjoying time with your family or watching your favorite team. Then it hits you! Your mind is racing to piece together your day in order to figure out if you forgot to do this or do that. By going mobile, you carry your work with you everywhere. Want to know what’s on deck for you tomorrow? You can instantly check instead of waiting to talk with your boss in the morning. Now that’s what we call hitting the ground running.

So Are you Ready To Go Mobile or What?

Join over 2,000 other contractors who have gone mobile with Coolfront, the zero-cost flat rate pricing mobile app.

With Coolfront, you can create and manage mobile work orders, collect customer approval, present flat rate repair fees upfront, attach pictures to work orders, search the extensive repairs database, integrate with your QuickBooks software, and stay connected to your office while in the field.

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