Social Distancing: Collecting Payments Remotely

With this new “normal” we are embracing every day, we are relying heavily on technology to keep us connected and moving forward. Social distancing is now at the top of mind when interacting with others and has wiggled its way into how we must interact moving forward. This is especially important when it comes to collecting payments.

We are an essential industry that can put us in close contact with others, though not necessarily.  Obviously, work will need to be done in person, however, payments don’t! With Coolfront Payments, you can email your customer the invoice and collect payment without having that face to face interaction.

The first step is to get set up with Coolfront Payments. Once you have, here are a few essentials to collecting payments:

  • Be sure you have a customer to bill- First and Last Names or Company Names should be filled in.
  • Is there a line item asking for approval? Ensure the customer accepts or declines this item to complete the total.
  • If you are emailing your customer a copy, be sure to include an email address.
Coolfront Payments Image

Once you have these items set, you can use the toggles at the top of the work order to email the invoice to your customer. They will receive it and have the ability to pay without having to hand their card over!  If you run into any issues, we are always happy to chat through them with you! For more information on COVID-19 and tips for your business, see here.

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