It’s a Wrap! Service Edge Conference 2023 Recap

The best field service conference has come and gone and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event! Judging by attendees’ reactions, Service Edge Conference 2023 was a huge success! 

FieldEdge and Service Autopilot members walked away with a wealth of new knowledge and ideas to grow their businesses. 

The overall goal of the conference was to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS! We did just that with amazing speakers, one-on-one support lab sessions and practical workshops. Then we threw in a bunch of fun networking events culminating with the After Party at the House of Blues. 

Fun was had and memories were made (and many new friendships were forged!). A few calories were consumed as well. You can work them off in weeks to come!

Let’s review the highlights and speakers of this three-day field service extravaganza!

Lawn Care Millionaire Kicks Off Service Edge Conference 2023

Speaker: Jonathan Pototschnik, Co-founder of Service Autopilot, and Jason Cupp, Kolbe Certified Growth Consultant, Team Builder and Motivational Speaker

Jonathan has built $10M+ businesses in both lawn care and cleaning. Also known as the Lawn Care Millionaire, this entrepreneur discussed what he’s learned about the economy, and helped get attendees started with the right mindset.

Jonathan and facilitator Jason Cupp discussed trends and what’s next in service industries. 

From Hire to Growth: Cracking the Human Code

Speaker: Jonathan Porter-Whistman, CEO of PerceptionPredict and WhoHire

Jonathan spoke about his deep knowledge of building and scaling businesses. His best-selling book, “The Sales Boss,” stands as a clear indicator of his expertise. Jonathan specializes in aiding clients in constructing efficient teams, tailored to their business’s unique requirements. His targeted approach mitigates the disappointment that often results from recruiting the wrong talent. 

From the beginning of his career, Jonathan has been building his own businesses from the ground up. CNN Money recognized his acumen by featuring him. Plus his ventures were listed among the Top 50 High-Growth Companies during Global Entrepreneur Week. 

Jonathan shared his truths about job performance, selecting the right team, and major misconceptions that all business owners share. 

New Fleetsharp Integrations to Boost Tracking

Speaker: John McCammond, Partner Channel Manager at FleetSharp

John McCammond, with his extensive background in partnerships and channel development, unveiled the latest FleetSharp integrations in FieldEdge and Service Autopilot. 

The collaboration between FleetSharp, Service Autopilot and FieldEdge promises enhanced GPS tracking solutions for service businesses. Attendees were urged to explore the FleetSharp booth.

Industry Report: Marketing & Recruiting Statistics

Speaker: Tony Ricketts, Founder of Lawnline Marketing

Tony Ricketts, the founder of Lawnline Marketing, shared compelling insights into marketing and recruiting statistics. 

Drawing from his 15 years of experience, Ricketts presented key findings from a comprehensive year-over-year analysis. Attendees left with next steps on how to navigate the changing landscape of online search and social media. 

Stop Putting CEO After Your Name and Actually BE a CEO

Speaker: Julie Vena, Lead Master Advisor from CEO Warrior

Julie Vena, a seasoned field services leader, brought her 20 years of management experience to the stage. 

She challenged attendees to move beyond simply adding “CEO” to their names and truly embrace the responsibilities of leadership. Vena’s effective implementation methods and growth strategies will help guide service companies towards greater success. 

SEC23 Bootcamp Workshop: The Ultimate Lead Gen Tool

Speaker: Jonas Olson, Owner/President of Turf Badger and Olson’s Pest Control

Jonas Olson, the 2022 Biggest Badass Winner, took the stage to lead a hands-on bootcamp workshop. 

The session aimed to demonstrate the ultimate lead generation tool for rapid results. Olson’s entrepreneurial journey and focus on innovation left attendees eager to implement his strategies. 

How to Go from Zero to Over $100M in Net Worth

Speaker: Brandon Dawson, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

Brandon Dawson, a serial entrepreneur and scaling expert, shared his extraordinary journey to a $100 million net worth. 

Attendees were given insights into Dawson’s mindset, tactics, and the exact path that led him to success. He shared specific tips for mindset and steps to take to scale businesses higher.

Reset & Recharge: A Fresher & More Positive Approach

Speaker: Betsy Allen-Manning, Renowned Leadership Speaker and Corporate Culture Expert

Betsy Allen-Manning, a renowned leadership speaker, kicked off Service Edge Conference day two with a refreshing perspective on leading a purposeful and impactful life. 

Her extensive experience in leadership training and cultural development provided attendees with actionable insights to eliminate stress, negativity and burnout. She also led attendees through exercises and a dance off! 

FieldEdge Industry Trends: HVAC Trends & Market Analysis

Speaker: Tim Fisher, Director of Market Intelligence at HARDI

Tim Fisher, Director of Market Intelligence at HARDI, delved into HVAC trends and market analysis. 

With a focus on preparing HVAC contractors for the upcoming season, Fisher provided valuable lessons learned from the summer and offered a sneak peek into the 2023-24 State of the Channel Report. 

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Speaker: Naylor Taliaferro, Lawn Care Rookie and Entrepreneur

Naylor Taliaferro, a former corporate professional turned entrepreneur, emphasized the power of networking in business success. 

His journey from Corporate America to launching his lawn care business showcased the significance of social networks in today’s competitive landscape. He shared how to better leverage personal and professional networks to grow your business and yourself. 

The Power of a Price Book

Speaker: Jason Atha, Sales Professional, Trainer, and Business Consultant

Jason Atha, with his diverse skill set and extensive experience, demonstrated the benefits of a well-organized price book. 

Focusing on FieldEdge Flat Rate, Proposal Pro, and more, Atha showcased how these tools can contribute to the ultimate success in 2024 and beyond. 

3 Powerful Plays for Efficiency & Profitability

Speaker: Brian Minter, Training Project Manager at Service Autopilot

Brian Minter, with over 5 years at Service Autopilot, shared the top three powerful plays to maximize efficiency and profitability in 2024. 

Leveraging his experience as a Project Manager, Minter provided insights to help Service Autopilot Members implement best practices for optimal results. 

Using Homeowner Financing for Business Growth

Speaker: Eric Gude, Director, National Sales at EGIA

Eric Gude, Director of National Sales at EGIA, explored the growing trend of using homeowner financing for business growth. 

The session highlighted the convenience of a cashless customer experience and how embracing finance solutions can propel businesses to a 25% growth spurt. 

This One Key Action Can Totally Change Your Business

Speaker: John DeCausmaker, Owner of Little John’s Lawns

John DeCausmaker, a seasoned entrepreneur, shared his journey of building Little John’s Lawns with his wife, Nikki. 

Focused on the impact of taking a single key action, DeCausmaker’s presentation inspired attendees to consider how strategic moves and personal growth can drastically alter the trajectory of their businesses. 

Unlocking Excellence: The Key to Scaling Success

Speaker: Heather Block, Vice President of Learning and Development at Cardone Ventures

Heather Block, Vice President of Learning and Development at Cardone Ventures, brought her expertise to the stage. 

A key lead in strategic creation and deployment of learning programs, Block emphasized the role of people development, cultural alignment, and clear communication in scaling businesses successfully. 

FieldEdge Software Session: Advanced Selling

Speaker: Jason Atha, Sales Professional, Trainer, and Business Consultant

Jason Atha returned to the stage to delve into advanced selling techniques using FieldEdge software. Exploring multi-option quoting, Docusign, and FieldEdge Payments, Atha demonstrated how these tools operate in harmony for ultimate success in 2024. 

SA Software Session: Automations – Basic & Advanced

Speaker: Scott Howard, Training Project Manager at Service Autopilot

Scott Howard, with over 10 years of experience, shared insider hacks for automating businesses efficiently. From basic automations to advanced strategies, Scott guided Service Autopilot Members on leveraging Automations to regain control of their time. 

FE Software Session: Managing Maintenance Plans

Speaker: Alex Menendez, Senior Training Specialist at FieldEdge

Alex Menendez returned with over 8 years of experience to demonstrate how FieldEdge agreements can streamline the tracking of preventative maintenance plans. The session highlighted the importance of automated reminders for customers to schedule and renew maintenance services. 

SA Software Session: Generating More Revenue in the Off-Season

Speaker: Rebekah Spencer, Senior Training Specialist at Service Autopilot

Rebekah Spencer, a 10+ year veteran at Service Autopilot, shared strategies for generating more revenue during the off-season. By leveraging additional services such as snow removal, holiday lights, and pet waste removal, Spencer guided attendees on making their businesses thrive year-round. 

FieldEdge Industry Trends: Future-Proof Your Business

Speaker: Paul Baccaro, CEO of Social Jazz

Paul Baccaro, the CEO of Social Jazz, offered insights into future-proofing businesses. He highlighted how to streamline your social channels to grow more! 

Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Speaker: Marvin Salcido, Owner of Salcido Home Solutions and Entrepreneur

 Marvin, an industry trailblazer and business growth maestro, delved into the art of “Growth Through Mergers and Acquisitions.” He shared the highs and lows of catapulting his business growth over 1,500% through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

In a captivating session, Marvin outlined the crucial factors of when to merge and acquire, offering key insights on selecting businesses that align with your vision and goals. The audience was left inspired and armed with actionable strategies to take their businesses to new heights. 

Industry Roundtable: Succeeding in Today’s Economy

Speakers: Jonathan Pototschnik, Jason Cupp, Libby DeLucien, Jonas Olson, Marvin Salcido, and John DeCausmaker

This candid panel discussion, fueled by real-world experiences, provided a glimpse into the strategies and tactics employed by successful business owners in navigating today’s economic landscape. 

Participants joined from plumbing, lawn care, cleaning and landscaping industries. Together, they answer questions about growth, motivation and leadership.

The Future of Software

Speakers: Dan Fuhr, VP of Product, Field Services, Teresa Ingalls, Product Manager II, FieldEdge 

Dan and Teresa from the Product Team at FieldEdge and Service Autopilot took the spotlight.

They presented the roadmap for the future of Service Autopilot and FieldEdge in 2024 and beyond. Attendees were treated to an exclusive preview of the upcoming features and enhancements that will help them run their businesses even more efficiently. 

Awarding the “Biggest Badass” of 2023

Speaker: Chris Volpe, Jessie Barrack 

In a heartwarming segment, Chris Volpe and Jessie Barrack returned to the stage to announce the prestigious “Biggest Badass” award, presented by Field Services Academy

This recognition celebrated the hard work and dedication of Service Autopilot and FieldEdge members, acknowledging their transformative journey in building not just better businesses, but better lives. 

Get Ready For 2024!

Well, that was fun (and helpful!). Let’s do it again! We hope you are as ready as we are to make this conference even more exciting in 2024. Check back for more details in the coming months! 


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