Smart Home Devices that Save Money

Smart homes are growing in popularity. Smart home devices are introduced every year that can save you money and make your customers’ homes greener and more efficient. As an HVAC technician or company, there are plenty of devices that you can offer to your customers, and they’re not just limited to thermostats.

Smart Thermostats

This is among the most popular smart home devices and money-saving devices. While the installation fee and initial cost for these devices are relatively high, their cost savings can be over 20%, saving your customers a lot more money in the long run. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat and Ecobee Smart Thermostat are two popular options that you can offer to your customers.

Google Nest

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the most popular smart thermostats. As its name suggests, it learns a household’s heating and cooling preferences to lower energy usage and save money. 

It also connects to a wide range of HVAC systems and comes in seven different colors to complement home decor. It comes equipped with geofencing, meaning the thermostat can lower room temperatures once someone leaves their house.

Starting at $249, the Nest thermostats have an internet connection and adjust temperatures according to the local weather forecast. According to their site, Nest has saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills, and 15% on cooling bills. As a result, in under two years, the thermostat will pay for itself. This is a good option for those customers who want a reliable and high-quality product.


The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is the first of its kind to integrate Alexa. When you’re close to the thermostat, you can ask the Amazon assistant to adjust the system to your liking. Also, you can ask Alexa to do things as normal, such as playing music or adding items to your to-do list, without even being close to the device. 

Ecobee also has Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, so you can easily play music from a compatible speaker in your home. 

Also priced at $249, the Ecobee is similar to the Nest, in that it can adjust your heating and cooling throughout your home — you can add up to 32 sensors around your home to help with your heating and cooling. In addition, Ecobee states that it can reduce annual heating and cooling costs by 23%. 

Security Devices

Each year, thousands of dollars are lost with home burglaries. As a result, insurance companies have to pay out claims, which causes rates to go up. However, many insurance companies offer discounts on monthly premiums when you have a security system in place. If your customer has a smart security device, they can lower the risk of a claim, saving them more money in the long run. 


The Vivint Smart Home system is a 24/7 comprehensive security monitoring system that controls door locks, cameras, and heating systems in a home. Although it can be pricey to get started, the system is easy to operate and navigate, it’s highly customizable, and the company is also known for providing outstanding customer service. Vivint also offers professional monitoring services, which start at $30 to $40 a month. 


SimpliSafe is an award-winning DIY Home Security monitoring system. Rated highly by Business Insider, CNET, PCMag, and others, SimpliSafe offers a beautifully crafted system that’s versatile, easy to use, and does not require a contract. The system is a lot less expensive than other home security systems, and it provides enhanced coverage for homes: 

  • Alerts owner when someone accesses private areas 
  • Custom alerts for friends and family 
  • Ability to arm/disarm with the phone 
  • HD security cameras 
  • Protection against leaks, floods, fires, and more
  • Live protection alerts 

Ring Alarm System

Ring Alarm Security Kit is another popular option among those looking for an affordable security system. It comes equipped with a five-piece kit, including a base station, keypad, one contact sensor, one motion sensor, and a range extender. The system is easy to install, and more sensors can be added to the kit for more comprehensive protection. There is a small monthly fee of $10 for professional monitoring; however, the package is excellent for those customers who are looking for great value and quality. 

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting products can help save money in two ways because lighting systems can be programmed to turn off when they’re not in use, and many LED smart bulbs are more energy-efficient than their older counterparts. Although they are more expensive initially, they can save your customers more money later down the line. 

Wyze Bulb

The Wyze Bulb is one of the cheapest smart light bulbs, but also one of the best. These bulbs come equipped with Wi-Fi so that you can connect them with Alexa or Google Assistant. Also, they can be paired with the Wyze mobile app for easy control. Starting at $8, these lights offer a full spectrum of white-light color temperature settings, ranging from warm to cooler tones, which is comparable to more expensive options on the market. 

Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue is the most well-known smart bulb on the market and has an impressive range of lighting types and styles for your living room, entertainment room, front yard, and backyard. Its kits range from $35 to $200 and can be controlled through Bluetooth, the Hue Bridge, or dimmer switches. A single Hue bulb can last 10 times longer than a conventional incandescent bulb, meaning that your customer won’t have to change bulbs often.


To conclude, smart home devices are great options to offer to your customers to save them a little extra cash. Because you’re helping them save money around their home, it shows that you care more about meeting their needs and building trust, rather than just making a profit. Offer these devices to your customers today to maximize their home security, increase their energy efficiency, and modernize their homes.

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