Video Testimonial: Wintac HVAC vs. FieldEdge Software

Stadtler Heating & Cooling’s Testimonial – Switching to the Cloud

Have you ever considered transitioning from an on-premise field management solution to a cloud-based software? If so, you may be curious about the benefits of making the switch. The pros at Stadtler Heating & Cooling moved from the Wintac HVAC solution to FieldEdge’s cloud-based software and experienced numerous benefits. Here’s what happened when they moved to the cloud.

Stadtler’s Story

Ever since 1896, Stadtler Heating and Cooling has served the suburbs of West Illinois. For more than four generations, they have grown their reputation as a friendly and reliable company. However, they found that their field service solution wasn’t always living up to their reliability standards.

We used a Wintac HVAC solution for a while,” said Krista Rechtorik, Office Manager. “We had a couple of scares where our system crashed and we thought we’d lost all of our customer information.

After experiencing a few close calls and other limitations of an on-premise solution, Krista and her team began exploring cloud-based options. Ultimately, they decided to move to FieldEdge for greater data security via the cloud. What they found was that moving to the cloud also allowed them to streamline operations through instant service updates and transactions between the office and field.

FieldEdge always seems to work,” said Gil Wagner, Service Manager & Salesman. “Everything is instantaneous – we can see what the service techs are doing as soon as they do it.

Gil and others at Stadtler say cloud-based software has played a part in growing their business. With the help of streamlined technology, Stadtler Heating & Cooling will continue to provide local families with trusted service for years to come.

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