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On-Premise vs. Cloud Software in Field Service Management

If your business uses an on-premise or CD-ROM software, a cloud-based software can seem intimidating. However, with increased features and functionality, cloud-based software (also known as SaaS or off-premise cloud computing) is the future of field management solutions. Since both software types are often used in field service management, it may be difficult to know which is the best option. Is it worth switching from on-premise to cloud-based?

On-Premise vs. Cloud Software

What exactly are the key differences between SaaS and on-premise software? Here is a comparison of the two types of solutions, plus a one-pager that shows the differences in an easy-to-reference chart: 


  • Cloud: Data is encrypted (stored in a secure location on the cloud), making it more difficult for a hacker to access. If a device is ever compromised, data is easier to recover if stored on the cloud.  
  • On-Premise: Data is often stored on one or two computers, which allows the user to have complete ownership of their data. However, data stored solely on a device may be susceptible to hacks and breaches. 

Software Updates  

  • Cloud: Software automatically updates to the latest technology with little or no effort from the user 
  • On-Premise: Regular updates to your system may be costly and could take time and effort to install.  


  • Cloud: With the cloud, employees in the office or the field can access data like customer history and tech schedules at any time. Instant data syncing allows everyone to see the same information on their computer, tablet or phone. 
  • On-Premise: Most solutions are only accessible via computers at an office. So, the office manager must communicate changes and new information to technicians manually. This often results in additional time spent communicating and troubleshooting.  


  • Cloud: It’s easy to add (or remove) accounts and tailor your software package to fit your company’s growth and needs 
  • On-Premise: Since on-premise solutions are often only accessible in an office setting, adding personnel may require more communication from office management to the field.  

Internet Connectivity  

  • Cloud: Software needs a reliable internet connection across devices to share information and sync with the cloud. However, many solutions have offline modes for when internet isn’t available.  
  • On-Premise: Solution may not need internet to complete day-to-day operations, allowing for flexibility if internet is unavailable.  

IT Support

  • Cloud: The cloud software’s support team can quickly access the backend to solve any glitch or issue that may arise. Also, the software is regularly and automatically updated. This allows IT support to easily find the problem within the program 
  • On-Premise: Some on-premise support teams may not be able to access software through the backend since it cannot be accessed via the cloud. If the support team can access the software, it may take longer for them to resolve an issue, since the software is not as frequently updated.   

Documentation and Organization  

  • Cloud: Go paperless by entering documents into the software, which stores them in the cloud. No more customer files, invoices and service agreements laying around or filling file cabinets. Now you can stay more organized while using less paper.   
  • On-Premise: Some on-premise software cannot store documents of different file types. The solutions that allow you to store documents may not include a capability to back them up in a secure, encrypted manner. 

Download the one-pager below for a side-by-side comparison! 

Cloud v On-Premise_FieldEdge

Choosing the Software That is Right for You 

Ultimately, cloud-based field service software offers more functionality and streamlined support. However, an on-premise software may be better for those who do not have a strong internet connection and/or businesses that don’t want added customer support or data security.

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