The Benefits of Cloud-Based Service Management Software

What is Cloud-Based Software?

The future of software is all moving towards the cloud. On-premise software is a thing of the past. Cloud-based software, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), is the present and future of technology. The benefits of cloud-based software are numerous. For one thing, it acts as a central hub for data and information that can be accessed wherever there is an Internet connection. Many companies have already moved towards cloud-based software because of the convenience it provides not only to their company, but also their customers.

Cloud-Based Service Management Software

Service businesses can benefit greatly from using field management services like FieldEdge out in the field. Especially in the mechanical services industry where technicians are always on the go and business owners need solutions that streamline operations, cloud-based software provides the flexibility of running businesses more efficiently. Are you thinking about switching to a cloud-based solution? Be sure to read on about the benefits of implementing a cloud-based service management software for your business!

Remote Access

remote accessibility

Access – Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet, you can still be on the go and access your information wherever, whenever. Your technicians are out in the field every day completing jobs. The remote accessibility of a cloud-based software allows technicians to easily view and/or update customer records, invoice once a job is complete and more. Service managers can also assign technicians to jobs while they out in the field with mobile dispatch, so once the technician completes one job, they can go to the next.


secure cloud solution

Secure Solutions

With cloud-based software, security is less of a concern because the responsibility lies with software providers. Although it seems like it’s easy for someone to steal information that is stored in the cloud, it is actually pretty difficult. Cloud-based solutions have tighter security protocols and frequent updates that prevent people from accessing confidential information so rest assured, the only people who have access to your business information are the people you’ve granted access.

The Importance of Security

In general, software providers understand how important security is to customers. If cloud-based software wasn’t secure, then companies would not be using them in the first place. Also, if software providers can’t provide secure software, then they would be out of customers and business.

Software providers focus heavily on advanced security practices to prevent data theft and identify potential issues before they arise. Since they are handling everything security-related, the customer can spend less time worrying and more time on their business.



No More Paper!

Keeping up with paperwork is hard and unnecessary. Cloud-based software allows you to not only go paperless, but also be more green-friendly. All the documents you would traditionally have on file can be entered in the software and stored in the cloud. All those customer files, invoices, service agreements and bills can all be filed virtually.

Since physical paperwork gets lost all the time, there is an organizational benefit of storing the paperwork in the cloud. You don’t have to shuffle through paperwork and try to find where you had previously placed certain documents. The cloud houses the documents and files for your business, so you can simply type in certain search terms to find specific documents.

Data Backup

on premise vs cloud software

On-Premise vs. Cloud

Say you do use a service management software but it’s on-premise, aka housed on a server within your office. Imagine if all that information accidentally got wiped from your server. It’s a situation nobody wants to be in and most of the time, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to retrieve all the information. Although you may feel more comfortable handling your own information, there’s always the risk that your information could be lost.

Cloud Backups

When you use cloud-based software, a situation like that is less likely to happen. With cloud-based software, even when the server goes down, the information will all still be there. If the information is in fact accidentally deleted, the information can be recovered by the software provider through network backups.

Real-Time Information

real time updates

Real-Time Updates

Cloud-based software is powerful enough to work in real-time. The software and any of the accompanying applications can be updated quickly and will automatically reflect changes. Information is readily available for the next person who needs to make changes to a customer record. If the next person working on the same job needs to update the same customer record, the information that was entered before should have already synced over, allowing you to add updated information as necessary.



More Tools with Integrations

With cloud-based software, third-party integrations can be added so there are different tools available within the software. Integrations add more value to the software and give your service business more feature offerings for its customers.

These integrations can help handle various parts of your business such as invoicing, accounting and payment processing. The integrations that are included with your service management software depend on the software providers. They are the ones who determine which integration partners to work with and which integrations to incorporate into their software.


If you’re trying to determine whether cloud-based service management software will be beneficial to your business, consider some of the things you’ve learned. Cloud-based software can make business operations run more smoothly. Your business information can be accessed at any time. All your information is safely stored in a central location. Cloud-based software can take the tedious parts of your business and organize them to make it easier for you to manage. With that all being said, make sure you understand what your business needs are at the time and if you feel as though cloud-based service management software will be beneficial to you, then we say go for it!

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