Mobile Dispatch

Running a field service company rarely means clocking in and out around normal business hours. FieldEdge Mobile makes it easy to keep your business running while you’re on-the-go.

Customer Notification

Don’t Leave Your Customers Wondering Where You Are

  • Give your customers up-to-date information on where you are and when you’re arriving
  • Let your customers and the office know you’re on your way with the click of a button
  • Send an automated email the day before to remind your customers about your appointment

Time Tracking

Automatically Record Tech’s Time

  • FieldEdge keeps a detailed log as techs update their status throughout the day including traveling, working, and idle time
  • Job stages are automatically updated as a tech navigates through the app. No more forgetting to click into the app as the job progresses
  • All status changes post to the office instantly so you always know where your techs are

Less Hassle, More Control

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