FieldEdge is the new name for dESCO, the company that invented service software for contractors

Still using paper?

Here are some of the reasons to choose paperless service software with FieldEdge

Good thing you waited till now to go paperless. The best just got better. Only FieldEdge, the trusted company that invented field service software over three decades ago, could give you this combination of experience and cutting-edge technology. You get two advantages: going digital and doing it with us.


Say goodbye to the whiteboard wall plastered with papers and notes. There’s a better way to track how much each tech is selling, jobs to bill, exceptions, equipment to order. When you’re not up against the wall, you can be smarter about your business.

Stop leaving money on the table

When everything is manual, human error is par for the course. You forget to bill jobs. Service agreements go by the wayside. You bill late and get paid later…or not at all. Time to turn this around.

Give techs tools to save time and sell more

Let’s face it, techs aren’t salespeople. They’re craftsmen. But with a little help from our mobile app, they’ll be completing jobs more efficiently and suggesting upgrade items.

Automatic QuickBooks integration

You know that pile of paper that your office staff spends hours entering into QuickBooks? And the illegible scribbles that come in from the field? Gone! FieldEdge gets it in there automatically with our QuickBooks dispatch software.

Boost recurring income from service agreements

We bet that every month, you give up service agreement income you could have made because things slip through the cracks. With FieldEdge you’ll sell more agreements and know when they’re due.

Use our experts to help you grow

dESCO (now FieldEdge) is famous for the quality of our support. Our “Customer Success” team helps you do just that: become more successful. We show you how to use our system to grow your business.

  What, give up all those bulging file folders? FieldEdge gives your team instant access to everything they need to know, all in one place. You’ll save time and make more money. You won’t miss the piles of paper, we promise.

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