FieldEdge is the new name for dESCO, the company that invented service software for contractors

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Here are some of the reasons to switch to FieldEdge

Time to update? Disappointed with your new system? Still having to enter information manually into QuickBooks, doing double work? Is your system easy to use but incomplete? Or, is it complicated and clunky? FieldEdge gets rid of the trade-offs.


Do you have a clunky old system that makes you do extra work? Or a half-baked new system that makes you conform to rigid rules and does less than you expected? Break free from limitations that restrict your growth and success. Switch to FieldEdge.

Make more on your techs and improve service

With our mobile tools, each one of your techs will know exactly what to do at a job site, how to do it better (using task lists you customize), get done faster, and then suggest upgrade items using our visual price book to show the customer options.

Get truly automated QuickBooks integration

Are you asking yourself why your office staff has to spend so much time on double entry, manually typing data into QuickBooks, when you’re supposed to have a paperless system? No more of that with FieldEdge.

Know more of what you need to know, faster

FieldEdge shows you easy-to-read charts that give you a quick snapshot of your business, from this month’s sales to the profitability of today’s jobs, updated every minute and accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Eliminate the “easy versus complete” trade-off

Some of our customers switch to us from brand new systems that were easy to use but limited in what they could do. Other customers are tired of the complexity of systems that are more comprehensive. FieldEdge is both easy and complete.

Enjoy legendary support: our “success” team

Ask anybody who has a dESCO “ESC” system, which FieldEdge continues to support 100%. They’ll sing the praises of our experienced and responsive “Customer Success” team that understands the contracting business and how our system can help you grow.

Convert fast, no hassle, no IT experts required

You’re in the business of fixing things. You don’t want to be or hire a computer expert. No problem. We can switch you over quickly and painlessly because FieldEdge is designed to be simple to install and simple to learn.

It’s frustrating when your service software doesn’t do what you want it to. Could be that it’s old and clunky and complicated. Or maybe it’s brand new but disappointing. Time for a change.

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