What Makes a Good Field Service Technician?

Being a field service technician requires a particular set of skills and qualifications. Each day brings new challenges that you must be able to handle. Risks will always be present, but with training, experience, and the right equipment, you can perform and do a great job.

So, what qualities should someone possess to be a good field service technician? No matter if you’re an HVAC technician, plumber, electrician, or locksmith, these qualities will be essential and help you do well.

You’re a People-Person

Good communication and exceptional customer service are key. This is a service-oriented business; therefore, you’ll be interacting with people a lot of the time. When on the job, you should explain the situation with simple language, but professionally. Avoid technical jargon, as it can confuse your clients. When you’re competent and easy to talk to, you create a friendly environment, and your clients will appreciate it. 

You Practice Safety

Due to the risks associated with the job, safety should always be a top priority. A good field service technician should be aware of his or her surroundings before starting their work. Also, you should be mindful of any safety hazards so you can prevent any accidents. 

Knowledge and Skills

Extensive knowledge of technical and mechanical information will significantly benefit you as a field service technician. Having expertise in many different repairs, assembly, and maintenance areas will allow you to perform your best. You will also need formal credentials, such as a certificate or degree, to teach you the necessary information you’ll need. 

Time Management

A good field service technician should be able to manage a schedule while staying efficient and organized. Typically, there are multiple calls and visits during the day; therefore, you should move between tasks or jobs without delay. 

Licenses and Certifications

In order to be a field service technician, you should have specific licenses. Once all courses and training are complete, you will need to take an exam before becoming qualified. After this, additional training can be taken to master your skills in certain areas. 

Attention to Detail

A good field service technician follows the procedure and ensures that each job is carefully completed with the best outcome. After each job, they should have accurate records of the work performed and all the used equipment. Being organized and detail-oriented saves a lot of hassle in the long-run. 

Being a good technician is more than just knowing technical terminology; it’s also about being a warm and dependable person who works hard and maintains a good reputation. Possessing these qualities will ensure your success as a technician, and your clients will be able to see that as well. 

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