Why You Should Wrap Your HVAC Trucks

Why should your business wrap your HVAC trucks? There are a myriad of good reasons. It’s a great way to market your business. When on the road you can advertise to every other vehicle, which is a big opportunity!

In this post we’ll review all the benefits to wrapping your vehicle, including:

  • The massive marketing effect
  • Brand awareness
  • Professional presentation 
  • Customer comfort and safety

Wrap Your HVAC Trucks For An On-The-Go Billboard!

Let’s start by explaining exactly what a wrap involves. A truck wrap is typically a customer design printed on a vinyl sheet that wraps around your car, truck or van.

Vinyl wraps come in full or partial. A typical full wrap covers the entire paint job of a vehicle and can cost anywhere from $3000 – $5000. Partial wraps–covering the sides of a vehicle or the back of a vehicle may cost roughly half that price. Price typically depends on square footage. 

Wraps typically last five to seven years before they show signs of cracking. You’ll have to take that into account when deciding on a vendor and vehicle wrap. 

The primary reason to wrap your HVAC trucks is the massive marketing opportunity wraps provide. This one-time investment continues to pay dividends and is a big bang for your buck! Consider all the potential customers who will see your truck on a daily basis, especially if HVAC technicians are running to several job sites each day. 

For comparison a billboard costs roughly $2,000 a month in a small- or mid-sized city, and $14,000 in large markets. Vehicle wraps are a  great use of your marketing dollars. 

Designing Your Wrap for Brand Awareness 

Whether you wrap one truck or your entire fleet, the goal is for customers to recognize your brand through your colors, logo, tagline, etc. Traditional marketing, whether it’s paid ads, website or social media is expensive. Vehicle wraps are a smart purchase that reinforces your brand in the customer’s minds.  

Wrap your HVAC trucks for a  simple, economical way to expand your brand awareness. You want a design that is simple yet memorable and is used throughout all your marketing materials. 

Your truck is a part of your brand and a key advertising platform. What should you include on a wrap for your work truck or van? Here are a few of the basics:

  • Company Name: Make sure you use the same fonts and colors across all your marketing channels. 
  • Business logo: Your logo should be simple and recognizable. It should also be scalable in size so it looks the same on your website and the side of your truck.  
  • Contact information: At the minimum you want your business phone number and email. Many businesses include their website as well.
  • Services You Provide: A brief list of your business services is recommended. You want potential customers to tell at a glance what you do. They key is to keep this short and sweet – only 4-5 bullets max. Remember, people will be driving while reading!  
  • Background or Accents: This is not required, but tying in background colors or colorful accents that are aligned with your branding can help catch the eyes of drivers! 

Not only does wrapping your truck make sound economical sense, it also enhances your business reputation.

Presents Your Business as Professional

A clean, fresh vehicle wrap tells your customers and potential customers that you are a legitimate professional business that will solve their heating and air conditioning issues.

It’s basically the first thing customers see other than maybe your website. Like the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

When a business has multiple trucks or a fleet – the same wrap on all vehicles is a powerful message to customers that you are a major player in the market. The more trucks that feature a well-designed wrap, the more other drivers will recognize you, and you will be more likely to come to mind when they need HVAC assistance! 

Comfort and Safety for Clients

When your company truck pulls into a customer’s driveway, the homeowner recognizes your van and feels better about inviting a stranger into their home. Conversely, if an unmarked truck in poor condition shows up at a residence, it could create some anxiety for the customer. 

Sometimes this is overlooked but it’s a big benefit to your customers, and it shows that you are a trustworthy business.

It sets the stage for a friendly handshake and a smile, covering your feet before you enter the residence and leaving the workspace as clean as it was when you arrived. Comfortable customers usually translate to repeat business 

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Wrap It Up to Attract More Customers!

You now have a better idea of why and how to wrap your HVAC trucks. The marketing and professional boost you get from wrapping a company vehicle more than pays for itself. In this post we covered:

  • The massive marketing effect
  • Brand awareness
  • Professional presentation 
  • Customer comfort and safety

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