FieldEdge is the new name for dESCO, the company that invented service software for contractors

Quickbooks Integration

Put your trust in our live QuickBooks integration – we never put your data at risk by batching. We’re a QuickBooks Platinum Partner that actually wrote the manual on integrating field service management software with QuickBooks over two decades ago.


Seamless QuickBooks Integration

Spend Less Time Pushing Paper

  • Every transaction, whether in the field or in the office, flows into QuickBooks in real-time
  • Make a mistake? Our live field service management integration means you fix it in one place and you’re done
  • No more double-entry of customer information or paperwork

Advanced Inventory Management

Control Your Inventory. Control Your Costs.

  • Track your inventory all the way from the warehouse to the work order
  • Manage your inventory whether your warehouse is 4,000 square feet or has 4-wheels
  • Reduce windshield time by keeping trucks stocked with all the essentials for each and every job

Real Time QuickBooks Integration

Live Integration, Never Batching

  • Our live integration means the moment you send an invoice to QuickBooks it’s there for you to see
  • Mistakes happen. Unlike the ‘batch integration’ other companies use, if you make a mistake with FieldEdge, simply fix it in one place and it updates inside of FieldEdge and QuickBooks
  • Avoid batching which locks your system up, leading to data loss, frustration, and lost productivity

Less Hassle, More Control

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