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Field Installation Strategies – Making Promises Come True

People have reasons for spending money on things they want. A product or service might entertain you, make a hard task easier, give you some peace of mind, or save money.  In actuality, the buyer is anticipating some combination of benefits from a purchase but isn’t really certain they will be received until after the experience. In our industry, it is the installers who make the sales person’s promises come true.
It’s said that the most important day in the life of a new system is the day it is installed. We know that if a system is poorly designed, if substandard materials are used, if installers are improperly trained or inattentive to the details that go into a first-class installation, then very good equipment won’t work well, if at all.
Like anyone else, installers want to do a great job. I’ve often seen them end the day, pause to admire their work, and then speak with pride when explaining the new system to the homeowner. When the homeowner perceives that the installers are pleased and proud, any lingering doubt she or he may have had about their purchase is eliminated.
So what can be done to ensure your installers are prepared and enabled to produce a highly-satisfied customer every time they go out to install a job?

Standardize Installation

Create and publish a written or video standard for each type of installation that you do. This will ensure all your customers receive high quality service, every time.

Training and Check-ins

Pairing newbies with your veteran installers isn’t a new concept. However, it’s important that the expectation is set early on for all technicians.
Create a plan that each new employee goes through to learn how to complete an install, how many installs they’ll shadow, and how long before they’ll be expected to do installs on their own. Most importantly, put feedback sessions in the training so your employees know what they did well and where they need to improve.

Tools for Success

MacGyver was able to come up with some great tools using no more than a paper clip and some duct tape but leave jerry rigging to Hollywood. Make sure the installers have all of the proper tools they need to do the job correctly.

Research Beforehand

Work with the sales team to create a clear and detailed list of the information the installers will need to prepare for and execute the “perfect installation”, including prescribed drawings, photos and video after you create this list, hold sales persons accountable to 100% completion of this document.

Get More Recommendations

Create a “perfect job checklist” for installers to review with the homeowner once the job is completed. Have the installer and the homeowner sign it. Require the sales person to return to the job within two weeks of the installation to review the checklist again with the homeowner and verify the customer is highly satisfied.
At this point in the processes you’ve made sure that the customer is having a positive experience. It’s the perfect time to ask the customer for a referral and review.

Reward Good Work

Have monthly contests for the best job using photos of the final job and customer feedback. Publicly recognize the installation team and reward them. Publish this in your company newsletter and post it on your web site and social media.

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Don’t overlook the importance of establishing procedures and support for your installation team. In many companies the installers are looked at as being at the bottom of the team roster… I think they should be at the top given that they are where the rubber meets the road.
Good Selling,
Tom Piscitelli is the founder and principal of T.R.U.S.T.® Training and Coaching (www.sellingtrust.com ). For over 40 years, he has worked with HVAC and plumbing contractors, distributors, and manufacturers with a focus on increasing sales by creating effective customer relationships.
Tom’s new book, co-authored with John Sedgwick, Proposition Selling: How to Create Extraordinary Success in Business to Business Sales, is now available. Contact Tom at 1-425-985-4534 or tom@sellingtrust.com.

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