Business Development Resources (BDR) is the premier provider of business training and coaching to home service contractors. For over 25 years, BDR has helped thousands of contractors find freedom by building a business to support both professional and personal goals.

Our industry-leading training, coaching, and business planning help you succeed faster. BDR clients consistently generate double-digit net profit margins, all while developing the structure of a strong, self-sustaining company. Whether you’re a small company trying to hit the $1 million revenue mark, or a larger business with visions of $20/$30/$40 million in annual revenue – BDR has the personalized tools, resources, proven results, and expertise to help you build the future you’ve dreamed of.

Key Values & Benefits

  • Having worked with thousands of contractors in the last 25 years, BDR has the proven processes, resources, and tools to help you scale and position your business for sustainable growth.
  • Our first-class financial reporting keeps you informed about your business. Knowing your numbers allows you to make better decisions, leading to more profitable results.
  • Our coaches have decades of industry experience. They have built and led successful industry-specific businesses and come prepared to coach you through every situation.
  • Our industry-leading training programs provide ongoing development for your entire team. Whether in the field or office, our training programs give your team the skills to build value for your company and a career for themselves in the trades.
  • Get a roadmap to your future with BDR’s Profit Launch Business Planning. These workshops provide you with a detailed and personalized 5-year business plan for long-term success.