With a solution to every business problem, Nexstar Network is a member-owned organization for businesses in the residential trades that drives business growth and development through continued education and the sharing of ideas. Our mission is to make the world’s best tradespeople into the world’s best businesspeople.

Nexstar’s specialized coaches are experts, with industry-specific experience in business, marketing, call center, finance, recruiting, sales, inventory, and technical training. They understand where member companies are, help them see where to go, and show them exactly how to get there. With comprehensive business training, proven business systems, and dedicated business coaching, Nexstar empowers more than 1,000 member companies in North America and Australia to be industry leaders.

Members of Nexstar benefit from the free sharing of knowledge between peers; a network of support is the result. Nexstar is so much more than tools and resources for business strategy and sustained success. It’s a membership designed for an intentional life.

Key Values & Benefits

  • Nexstar’s dedicated coaches are full-time employees, who advise and mentor members on business, marketing, recruiting, call centers, and more.
  • Nexstar’s dynamic trainers provide training to help members and their employees stay on top of new techniques, innovations, and leading practices.
  • Nexstar’s proven turnkey systems bring order to chaos and hold members and staff accountable for their own success.
  • Our peer network makes a difference you can feel when making connections! Members of Nexstar freely share knowledge and ideas across the peer network and offer support to one another.
  • Members save time and money on services, tools, and equipment through vendor partnerships. All strategic partners are carefully vetted by Nexstar.
  • Members of Nexstar follow a strict, industry-setting Code of Ethics, dedicated to preserving the integrity of the network, their businesses, and their communities.