FieldEdge is the new name for dESCO, the company that invented service software for contractors

Our customers have great things to say about us

Our average customer has used our field service software longer than many of our competitors have even existed. dESCO, and now FieldEdge, has helped HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other home service businesses grow for four decades. The good things our 30,000+ users have to say about us could fill a book.

“FieldEdge has just improved our efficiency across the board. We're able to get twice as much work done with the same amount of manpower.”

“Perfectly tailored for gathering information at an instant.”

“I just wanted to commend you and your team on your excellent customer service and support site. It’s perfectly tailored for gathering information at an instant and greatly reduces the frustration of implementing a new operational process into an existing “paper” HVAC service company. I’d recommend to any company that purchases this software to take full advantage of the Support page.”

Joe Musloe
Tobey Karg Service Agency
“We appreciate the fast and friendly customer service!”

“We have been using the software for about 5 years. Our company has benefited as a result by having our customer’s information organized and our fingertips. Our technicians are able to see important roles and information about their jobs in the customer files. We appreciate the fast and friendly customer service provided anytime we have an issue.”

Barbara Sanchez
Balport Lock & Safe
“The marketing tools that are available within the program are amazing!”

“The biggest value to our company is efficiency – with the mechanics invoicing using mobile we can upload the invoice, take payment and book return calls before he has even pulled out of the driveway. If a customer calls and asks for a copy of an invoice or a statement of their account we can email with one click. The marketing tools that are available within the program are amazing!”

Sue Stewart
A1 Air Conditioning & Heating
“Not only is it simple to use and learn, but the support staff is very responsive!”

“The software was very simple to learn and offered much more than we expected. It has helped to revolutionize everything from out dispatching style and the way we communicate to customers, to the way we bill out repairs and manage our contract work. The level of service we are able to provide our customers has increased in a huge way.”

Reid Auger
ControlAir Systems, Inc.
“Investing in this software is an absolute no brainer.”

“We are so happy we were referred to the innovative folks at [FieldEdge]. Hands down, most remarkable is the experience I consistently have with the support team. They respond amazingly fast, seem enthusiastic to help solve any issues we have, and are happy to remote in to do any “fixes” themselves. Finding software that integrates into Quickbooks was the icing on the cake.”

Lisa Coffy
Furnace World
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