10 YouTube Channels for Plumbing Pros in 2024

It is easier than ever to enhance your learning, and plumbing YouTube channels can provide a wealth of information.

In fact, with the plumbing YouTube channels we’re sharing, you’ll be able to learn:

  • How to grow your business
  • Plumbing strategies to sell more
  • Product and equipment reviews
  • How to troubleshoot and fix problems
  • And so much MORE!

10. How to Plumbing

With over 50K subscribers, and more than one thousand videos, this is a premier “How to” channel. 

Claude Taylor has over 30 years of experience as a plumber and does a really good job of teaching through his informative and entertaining videos. This is a great channel if you want to brush up on your plumbing skills! 

He covers jobs such as:

9. Got2Learn

Canada represents with consistent, straightforward educational videos. 

The Canadian host of this channel has over 10 years of commercial plumbing experience and wants to share his “tricks of the trade.”  With over 500K subscribers and 200 plus videos, chances are you have been taught a lesson or two by Got2Learn. 

Got2Learn releases a few videos per month: 


8. Steven Lavimoniere

With over four thousand videos, this channel has a ton of useful content presented in a matter of fact way. Lavimoniere has over 40 years of experience in plumbing and HVAC and has owned his own business for close to 30 years. 

Unique to this channel is the sheer volume of content with a new video EVERY day! There’s an awesome amount of useful content from this YouTuber. 

Here are some of his more popular plumbing posts:

7. Mr. Rooter Plumbing

This plumbing YouTube channel is produced by the over fifty year old company featuring hundreds of locations in the US and Canada. 

On this channel with 4.5K subscribers, you’ll find a plethora of informative troubleshooting videos for both the DIYer and professional plumber. 

Here are a few of the most popular videos:

Though focused on their products and services, there’s still a lot to learn from this corporate plumbing channel. 

6. Plumbing With Tim

With over 23K subscribers, Journeyman plumber pro Tim Johnson entertains and teaches his viewers as he goes through the ups and downs of his workday in central Florida. 

Some notable videos to give you an idea of his subject matter include:

If you’re looking for how to’s, Tim’s your man.

5. Plumberparts

Based in the UK, Plumberparts is a treasure trove of plumbing tutorials, tips, and tricks. From basic plumbing repairs to advanced installations, James, the host, covers it all with humor and expertise. 

He invites you to “Learn how to do basic and advanced plumbing tasks with a professional LUNATIC!” New videos post every week. 

Recent videos include:

4. The Grumpy Plumber

Another great plumbing YouTube channel featuring the right way to do things out in the field. This channel is a refreshing, humorous father/son combo. The father, master plumber Jim Froholz, shares his 48 years of plumbing knowledge. 

With 65K subscribers, this channel is jam-packed with useful content for the DIY enthusiasts as well as plumbing professionals. 

A few examples of videos include:

3.  The Million Dollar Plumber

Richard Behney is  committed to “helping plumbing professionals around the world achieve success and realize their dreams.“ A 30-year plumbing industry professional, he sold his plumbing company in 2017 and launched The Million Dollar Plumber. 

Some recent topics include marketing your plumbing business, growing your plumbing business and how to dress for your plumbing business. 

In addition to posting plumbing YouTube videos, he’s also host of the podcast Potty Talk that helps plumbing businesses succeed. 

2. That Plumber Dude

Described as “The Life of a Service Plumber” this channel is packed with real world plumbing solutions. 

As a plumbing company owner, the host takes the viewer along on real plumbing jobs:  plumbing repairs, plumbing installs, and plumbing maintenance. 

Some recent videos include:

1. Roger Wakefield Plumbing Education

Known as “The Expert Plumber” Wakefield has over 4 decades in the trades. He’s also a big plumbing influencer with over one million subscribers across YouTube and TikTok. He offers practical tips, product reviews, how-tos and most of all how to grow your business. 

Wakefield has a bigger than the room personality and his videos are pure entertainment. You’ll also learn a lot!

Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • 5 Things to Know BEFORE You Become a PLUMBING APPRENTICE
  • Sharkbite Fittings: Why I Don’t Use Them on My Plumbing Jobs
  • How Professional Plumbers BRAZE COPPER LINES


In addition to our favorite 10 plumbing YouTube channels here’s a bonus channel: our very own Profit Roadmap podcast! FieldEdge and Service Autopilot relaunched the Profit Roadmap podcast and it’s getting great responses. 

This podcast is specifically for field service professionals – from lawn care to HVAC to residential cleaning, plumbing, and more!

The Profit Roadmap is co-hosted by Ryan Yelvington, FieldEdge content creator, and Rebekah Spencer, Service Autopilot senior training specialist. Together they’ve been working with service professionals just like you for over 16 years.

Here are just a few of the recent episodes:

Also, here is a bonus list of smaller channels that still provide amazing content for plumbers!


There you have it– more than ten of the best plumbing YouTube channels to learn more about the world of plumbing!

These channels will give you:

  • Professional business advice
  • Insider tips and tricks
  • Tutorials for the things you don’t know
  • Product reviews for those things you’ve been thinking of buying
  • Answers to your biggest questions
  • Entertaining vlogs

If you’re looking to grow your plumbing business and knowledge, these YouTube channels can help you get there.

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