How to Get HVAC Customers FAST

Discover how to get HVAC customers FAST using this easy guide to get started.

Whether you’re replacing lost clients, or trying to increase revenue, this guide has everything you need to know to get HVAC customers fast.

Plus, we’ll explore how to win HVAC customers through the use of:

  • SEO best practices
  • A customer referral program
  • Your HVAC business website
  • Creating HVAC flyers and conducting 9-arounds
  • Finding new ways to improve Google Ads and maximize spending

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The Best Selling Tips to Get HVAC Customers 

You can get HVAC customers fast by using these selling tips and sales strategies.

Before you can start getting more HVAC customers, you need to know how to effectively make sales and train your technicians to do the same.

Follow these 5 simple steps to effectively sell to your HVAC customers:

Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Customer

The way you sell to customers depends solely on one thing—who you’re selling to. You need to have a solid grasp on your ideal customer and their characteristics. This is also known as creating a client persona.

In order to create your client persona, think about ONE ideal customer. If you already have existing customers, then think about your favorite customer. If you don’t have existing customers, simply think about the perfect customer you’d like to sell to.

Next, fill out the HVAC client persona template below to identify your ideal customer:

  • Name: [first and last name]
  • Age: [years]
  • Career: [job title]
  • Income/Salary: [$$$$$]
  • Relationship Status: [status]
  • Location: [city, state]
  • Home Type: [age of home, single or multiple-family dwelling, number of stories/levels]
  • Family Status: [number of children—if any]
  • Education Background: [high school diploma, some college, bachelor’s degree, etc… ]
  • Main Desired Services: [what services they’re looking for—AC repair, water heater repair, AC installation, etc… ]
  • Personal Motto: [motto —e.g. “You get what you pay for.”]
  • Values: [3-5 values]
  • Objections to Purchasing: [3-5 objections to purchasing your HVAC services]
  • Overcoming the Objections to Purchasing: [ways to overcome the previous objections]
  • Where They Get Information: [Google, Facebook, Instagram, newspaper, etc… ]

You should get super detailed with identifying what specific customer to target. Why? Because the more clearly you can identify an ideal client, the easier it is to find and sell to them.

Step 2: Decide Where You’ll Engage With Your Ideal Leads

Now that you’ve identified your ideal customer, you’re ready to decide where you’re going to engage with them.

Since it takes about 6-8 touches to convert a lead into a customer, you need to reach your leads in as many ways and as many times as possible. You can use the following avenues:

Whether you place ads, or pass out your flyers to neighboring homes, your main goal is to engage with leads in whatever ways you can.

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Step 3: Develop a Unique Sales Proposition

In order to set yourself apart from your competition, you need to ask yourself this simple question: “What makes your HVAC business stand out from your local competitors?”

Answer this question by highlighting what makes your HVAC business stand out from the rest. Then demonstrate to your customers the value you’ll give them. Include this value proposition in your marketing materials and talk tracks.

As always, don’t forget to take customer needs, budget and concerns into account throughout your engagement with them.

By developing a unique sales proposition (i.e. USP), you’ll be able to eliminate your HVAC customers’ buying barriers to convert them.

Step 4: Follow Up With Leads

After you send an estimate, your job doesn’t stop. You NEED to follow up with your leads in order to get HVAC customers.

As you follow up with leads, make sure you provide them with the perfect offer to sweeten the pot and break down any buying barriers.

Here’s how to create an tempting offer to get HVAC customers fast:

  • Give leads something of value that’s exclusive
  • State the main benefit of choosing YOUR HVAC business
  • Make sure it’s timely by giving them a deadline (e.g. limited-time offer)

For example, your perfect offer could be as simple as, “New clients only! Schedule an [HVAC service] appointment before [date] and take advantage of our exclusive, limited-time offer of [$20 off next service or free upsell service] just for you!”

Step 5: Cultivate and Nurture Your Relationships With New and Existing Customers

As you get HVAC customers fast, it’s easy to get busy and forget to cultivate and nurture relationships with your new and existing customers.

There are numerous ways you can cultivate and nurture your relationships with new and existing customers:

  • Engage with them through organic HVAC social media posts
  • Consistently share and publish content to provide value (i.e. blogs, videos, etc… )
  • Create one-pagers, emails and other content that help your customers with everyday issues (e.g. 21 ways to save electricity this summer)

Forming relationships with your customers is vital in keeping the customer base you’ve built. After all, your customers could always choose one of your competitors the next time they need any HVAC services.


Consider a Customer Referral Program

By starting a customer referral program, you’ll have the power to break down a huge buying barrier that’s keeping your leads from converting.

Did you know customers are four times more likely to convert when they’re referred by friends or family? Plus, 20-50% of buying decisions are based on word of mouth (i.e. WOM) referrals.

Even better, businesses with active referral programs see an average of 70% higher conversion rates and a 69% faster closing time.

In other words, you can’t afford to not have a customer referral program!

For these reasons, customer referral programs are one of the best ways to AUTOMATICALLY get HVAC customers fast.

As you can see, a referral program plays a key factor in the success of your HVAC business. However, you need to give your customers an incentive to refer business.

The Perfect HVAC Customer Referral Program

Even though it may cost a bit of money upfront, when it’s properly implemented, a customer referral program pays for itself.

Plus, your customer referral program doesn’t have to be complicated.

For example, you could offer customers $20 off their next service for every successful referral. You could even offer $20 off the referred customer’s first service.

Here’s the deal, you don’t have to provide some huge incentive to get your favorite clients to refer you. It only needs to be valuable enough for your clients (and referred clients) to feel appreciated.

Pro Tip! The next time you get a compliment, great review, or excellent survey, give your customers your magnetized HVAC business cards (with your referral offer listed).

As a result, every time your client looks at their fridge, they’ll be reminded of your referral program.

Utilize Flyers and Pass Them Out to Neighboring Homes

Get HVAC customers fast by utilizing flyers. Pass out these flyers to neighboring homes to increase awareness in your local market and beat the competition! The 9-around strategy involves passing out flyers to all the houses surrounding the house you are working on. 

These are some basic guidelines for creating great HVAC flyers that sell:

  1. List your main services
  2. Justify your premium prices
  3. Give customers a referral offer
  4. Give leads the perfect offer
  5. Provide a clear Call-to-Action (i.e. CTA)
  6. Use digital flyers (e.g. Facebook Ads)
  7. Create functional flyers (i.e. visible contact information, simple font, photos of real work, etc.)

Now that you know what makes great flyers, let’s talk about how you can take it to the next level… 


Take Your Flyers VIRTUAL

You can create virtual flyers to target specific people and neighborhoods to stomp out the competition.

Take your HVAC flyers virtual by targeting specific neighborhoods using paid ads (e.g.  Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.).

When you utilize virtual flyers, in conjunction with passing them out to neighboring homes, you’ll have the power to amplify the effect of your flyers FAST. Plus, you’ll have the ability to set your own budget and stick with it. Take the visuals and written content you already have on your flyers and use them to create ads and build emails.

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Use Reviews to Get HVAC Customers Fast

Remember when we talked about the importance of customer referrals earlier on?

What your customers say is important. 97% of people read online reviews before purchasing from a local business. In addition, 67.7% of purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews.

In other words, it’s important to maintain a positive reputation in order to get HVAC customers. After all, the more satisfied your customers are, the more word of mouth (i.e. WOM) referrals you’ll receive.

Pro Tip! Keep your website ranking high in Google and get lower bids from Google Ads by routinely maintaining and reviewing your website. Also, don’t forget to update your Google Business page!

Build the Best Website

By far, one of the most important things you can do to get HVAC customers fast is to build a great website.

After all, your website allows customers to:

  • See your Google Reviews
  • Get basic contact information
  • Find testimonials that justify your prices
  • Learn about what makes your HVAC business great
  • Look at before and after pictures of your best work
  • Discover you on Google while increasing your online presence
  • Find a main CTA to get customers to take the next desired action
  • Visit your social media pages by linking out to your social media accounts

When you follow these best strategies for building an amazing website, you’ll have the power to get more HVAC customers in no time.

The Basics of SEO for Your HVAC Business

In order for your website to rank higher in Google when people search for you (which gets you cheaper Google Ads bids too), you MUST be following basic SEO practices.

If you want to get HVAC customers fast, then at a minimum, you’ll need to follow these 7 SEO principles:

  1. Rank higher with specific keyword targeting
  2. Ensure your contact information is clearly listed in BOLD
  3. Provide a clear Call-to-Action (i.e. CTA) with a clear next step for customers
  4. Avoid overusing stock photos and use real photos of your work
  5. Get more HVAC customers fast using your favorite testimonials
  6. Establish a consistent blog posting schedule of relevant content
  7. Build a mobile-friendly website that’s easily accessible on all devices

These essential SEO principles will help build a solid start for optimizing your website and improving your organic Google ranking.

Optimize Google Ads for Your Business

Take your marketing to the next level by creating and optimizing Google Ads for your business.

Google Ads are one of the most effective ways to get more HVAC customers fast because of the high quality of leads available.

When you choose the right keywords, you’ll be engaging with high-quality leads that are actively searching for a solution to their problem—and you’re the solution. Because of this, Google Ads are typically faster and more effective than social media ads.

However, it’s easy to overspend on Google Ads, which is why some HVAC business owners are afraid of mastering this incredibly powerful tool. Though, when you know the basics of Google Ads, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

In order to create the most effective Google Ads for your HVAC business that stay within your budget, follow essential principles like these:

  • Choose what areas to target
  • Set your Google Ads spend budget
  • Implement a follow up system for inbound leads
  • Use split-testing to make your spending go farther and optimize ads
  • Establish negative keywords (that you don’t want to target) so you only pay for good clicks and avoid the bad ones

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Get HVAC Customers Faster Than Ever

Whether you’re a new or established HVAC business, the strategies in this article will help to quickly scale your business.

Regardless of whether you take advantage of Google Ads or sign up for FieldEdge, you know the tools you need for your HVAC business to GROW NOW.

Use these top pro strategies to get HVAC customers fast today!

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